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Jan Update - The New Year Update

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2021 January Update

Hello Farmers

Many of you have many great achievements to look back on in 2020, and these achievements in the past year will definitely give you a boost this year. So, start afresh with the upcoming challenges. Let’s look into the things in store for you!

New Home For Donkeys

2021 January Update

A group of Donkeys living on the Gourmet farm has found a new home that can accommodate them comfortably. From the farmer’s point of view, you don’t need to rush between multiple stables feeding hungry Donkeys anymore, and you can take care of them all in one place.

The new community building, Donkey dwelling, will be added to the Gourmet farm and allows farmers to save some room for other production buildings. The Donkey dwelling will be available in the Build shop.

The Farm Laboratory Update

2021 January Update

With this update, we will bring a lot of new stuff to the Farm laboratory! First of all, every item that can be produced at the Farm laboratory will now require a type of catalyst. In the new production dialog, there are five tabs where all items are categorized by each catalyst that is needed for production. Secondly, you can now upgrade a building level by diamonds from level 31 onwards. Last but not least, the new Farm laboratory allows you to produce more varieties of items like Special seeds, Premium/Super/Seaweed feeds, Boosters, Tokens and a lot more!

You can get all catalysts from regular events as rewards such as the Cooperative Championship, and Hardworker Events.

Go to the new Farm laboratory and find out what can be produced!

Slow Cooking at the Jam Factory

2021 January Update

Don’t leave the pot filled with fruits on the stove too long. Your beautiful jam might otherwise get too bitter and overcooked! To make the perfect fruit jam from your farms, you don’t need to be jammy, you just need to be patient and consistent!

With the new production building, Jam Factory, which can be built on the gourmet farm, you can produce different kinds of jam with fruits you harvest from your farms and the greenhouse. The jam you produce can be sold for dollars at the barn. Alternatively, you can use the jam to fulfill contracts in the market hall or load them onto Captain Barnacle’s ship. The fruit sugar needed for the jam production will drop when harvesting produce from your orchards and the greenhouse.

Welcoming New Boosters

2021 January Update

We will introduce a new set of boosters for the following events: Pleasure Park, Goldfish Rescue, and Urgent Delivery events. These boosters will help you to gain more points more quickly. On top of these, there will be a new type of boosters for each temporary farm. These boosters will increase dollars that you earn on all temporary farms. It will boost the dollars you receive when exchanging money and whatever you receive from quests.

These boosters will be offered via the Offers Hub while the respective events are running.

Big Farm Club finds a new spot!

2021 January Update

We would like to let you know about a change before you get totally lost on your farms!

Previously, the Big Farm subscriptions “Big Farm Club” was located on the menu bar at the bottom of the game screen. So you could visit the page by clicking on the known green apple icon. After this update, a new spot for the Big Farm Club will be found at the in-game shop, which you can visit via the BF shopping bag icon that is placed at the top of the game screen. So, go and find the new tab for the Big Farm Club at the in-game shop!

And that is it for the very first Update of 2021. We hope this update adds more excitement to the start of the new year on your farms!

Yours, Tessa from Big Farm

  • The following bugs will be fixed with this update:

    • Winter Monument  - Fixed an issue that caused the time reduction booster not to be applied to the Winter fruit plantation
    • Greta’s Dream World - Fixed an issue that caused multiple rewards that were credited to top-ranked players
    • Dream World - Daily Quests - Fixed an issue that caused a wrong item text to be displayed in Dutch
    • Summer Search Event - Fixed an issue that caused a wrong text to be displayed when all search items were found
    • Ranking Overview - WWC - Fixed an issue that caused only 9 entries per page to be displayed
    • Missions - Fixed an issue that caused the mini product icon not to show in the finisher dialog after relog
    • Worldwide Championship - Corrected an inaccurate explanation about the event in the info dialog
    • Community Buildings - Fixed an issue that caused to slow down the game performance when starting and harvesting productions
    • Watermill - Fixed an issue that caused the building to be invisible when turning off the animation 
    • Fishing XP doubler - Fixed missing translations in the tooltip
    • Winter fruit grove - Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect booster value to be displayed in the info dialog
    • Fishing quest - Fixed an issue that when clicking the show me button caused to take players to a wrong location
    • Library - Sailor’s fragrance handbook - Fixed a missing item description
    • Dairy - Contracts - Fixed an issue that caused a wrong text to be displayed in the tooltip after reaching the max level of the contract
    • Cooperative Championship - Fixed rewards for the gold league 
    • Cooperative Championship - Fixed an issue that caused 0 reputation points to be displayed in the ranking for the top 50 players
    • WWC Trader - Fixed an issue that caused the German info text to be displayed in small typeface
    • Balloon Wheel of Fortune - Fixed an issue that caused a reward booster from the event not to be displayed in the booster dialog
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