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[TUTORIAL] Everything you always wanted to know about ... horses!

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With enormous thanks to  Lautre_Huche one of the French Forum Moderators.

It was written in French (obviously) so it has all  been Google translated.

I hope it helps.

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    1. Terms of Access
    2. Ranch missions
    3. Horse buildings
    4. The characteristics of horses
    5. Training at the Ranch
    6. Paddock training
    7. The reproduction
    8. Competition against non-player characters
    9. Competitions between players
    10. The production cycle of objects
    11. The horse market

    Terms of Access

    The ranch becomes accessible when these two conditions are met: 
    • You have reached experience level 16
    • You have completed the mission asking you to fill the hold of the boat ("Complete loading for only one product")

    Ranch missions

    Here is the list of missions that appear when the access conditions are met: 
    Note: For reasons of readability, only the tasks are listed, not all the texts.
    1Donate 10 horseshoes1000 
    2Enter the stable
    Give the horse a name
    3Complete an endurance training session30  Poultry
    10  Pig
    4Complete an agility training sessionComplete a power training session* Daily task (see below)10   Poultry
    10   Pig
    10  Cattle
    5Win a raceWin a dressage competitionWin a show jumping competition10  
    6Upgrade your stable to level 2* Improve equipment (see below)40   Poultry
    20   Pig
    10   Cattle
    7Have 2 horses950 
    8Have 2 horses with a minimum breeding rating of 10250  
    9Breed 2 horses with a minimum rating of 10300  
    10Have a horse with 13 training points in power
    Have a horse with 13 training points in agility
    Have a horse with 13 training points in dressage
    11Win against George (Level 20)
    Win against Lester (Level 20)
    Win against Tessa (Level 20)
    12Have a horse with 16 training points in power
    Have a horse with 16 training points in agility
    Have a horse with 16 training points in dressage
    50   poultry
    30  Pig 
    10  Cattle 
    13Win against George (Level 23)
    Win against Lester (Level 23)
    Win against Tessa (Level 23)
    14Have a horse with 20 training points in power
    Have a horse with 20 training points in agility
    Have a horse with 20 training points in dressage
    15Win 450 competition horseshoes1000  
    500 000  
    16Own two horses with a breeding rating of 202  
    * Upgrade your stable to level 3300 
    17Breed 2 horses with a minimum odds of 20600  
    * Have 1 horse with a reproduction quality level 175,000  
    3 seeds 
    18Have 1 horse with a breeding rating of 2560  
    8 seeds 
    19Win 600 competition horseshoes500,000  
    20Have 1 horse with a breeding rating of 305 seeds  
    21Win 1,200 competition horseshoes3  
    22Own two horses with a breeding rating of 30150  
    * Upgrade your stable to level 41000 
    23Breed 2 horses with a minimum odds of 3020  
    * Have 1 horse with a reproduction quality level 2
    24Win 1,500 competition horseshoes500  
    2 seeds 
    25Have 1 horse with a breeding rating of 40500,000  
    26Win 2,500 competition horseshoesMay Tree

     Equipment improvement tasks (Parallel to task 6)
    Upgrade the career to level 2Upgrade the loin ring to level 2Upgrade the jumping track to level 21000  

    Upgrade the career to level 3Upgrade the loin ring to level 3Upgrade the jump track to level 32000  

    Upgrade the career to level 4Upgrade the loin ring to level 4Upgrade the jump track to level 44000 

    Upgrade the career to level 5Upgrade the loin ring to level 5Upgrade the jump track to level 56000 

     Daily task
    Complete an endurance training session80 

    Tasks obtained at level 60
    Collect 100 mushrooms
    Sell ​​10 mushrooms
    Own a tannery on your ranch
    Sell ​​Mushroom Leather (1 is enough)
    Own a spinning mill on your ranch
    Own a dyeing workshop
    Own a saddlery workshop
    Own 12 trees on your ranch

     Task obtained at the start of the first equestrian season
    Challenge another player
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    Horse buildings


    The buildings of the horses are distributed in two places: 
    Note: the buildings may differ, the buildings in the image having been improved. However, their position does not change.

    The Ranch

    1. Stable , where you can see your horses and their characteristics and where you will manage breeding
    2. Trophy Holder , where you can display your trophies
    3. Horse market , where you can access gasoline boosts and buy horses
    4. Competition truck , where you can compete against BigFarm characters and BF players
    5. Notice board , where you can see your ranking in competitions, have challenge reports, ... and see the weather remaining for the current season or, between seasons, the time until the next season.
    6. Jumping trackWhere you can train your horses to improve their power
    7. Career , where you can train your horses to improve leurendurance
    8. Round pen , where you can train your horses to improve their agility

    improvement of buildings used competitive irons and monopolize the same building locations as your other buildings. Improving one of them therefore prevents you from developing your main, gourmet or flower farms at the same time. The single-use construction slot, unlocked with the 50 tokens, can be used as well.

    The coop village

    Paddock , where you can train your horses and develop their different skills.

    The paddock is common for the whole cooperative. It is improved in the same way as the buildings in the village.

    Construction costs

    Jumping track
    Round of loin
     CostEffectCostIntensive levelTraining points
    1 1 box 400 
    2 box
    3 boxes
    4 boxes
    5 box
    6 boxes
    4 200 
    7 boxes
    1d 8:00
    8 boxes
    2d 0:00
    9 boxes
    2d 20:00
    10 boxes
    4d 0:00
    11 box
    6j 0:00
    12 box
    5 500
    Other buildings on the ranch cannot be upgraded. This also applies to the competition truck, although there seem to be 7 levels available for it when you click on the information button.
    Note: Stumps, trees and workshops are part of a particular aspect of the game. They are accessible at level 60 and their operation is covered in chapter 10.
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    4. The characteristics of horses

    The identity card of each horse is accessible from the stable.
    By opening the stable, with a click on the building and a second on the horse's head, here is what appears: 
    At the top are various useful information, which you will find in each building of the ranch:

    There is the number of irons (1), the number of competition irons (2), the tabs allowing to go from one page to another (3), the name of the building (4) and an essential tool: the button to close the window ! (5)

    Let's stay on the first tab (Stable) for now. The second will be presented in point 7.
    The left part shows the different horses in your possession.
    1. Horse's name (yes, I masked them ...)
    2. Reproduction quality level
    3. Reproduction rating (average of main characteristics)
    4. Generation (number of times improved in the paddock)
    5. Release the horse. There is a confirmation button to avoid chivalry ...
    The right part shows the selected horse in detail:
    Detail tab:
    1. Reproduction quality level
    2. Generation (number of times improved in the paddock)
    3. Horse name
    4. Button to change name. The first change is free, the following ones require gold
    5. Reproduction rating (average of main characteristics)
    6. Age of horse (time since last breeding)
    7. Horse family tree
    8. main Features
    9. These arrows send the horse to training
    The "reproduction" tab shows the effects gained during reproduction.
    The "cooperative paddock" tab shows the effects gained at the paddock
      What is the reproduction rating used for?
    • When breeding, the parents' reproduction rating will determine the number of reproductive effects the foal will have.
    • The foal's reproduction rating also influences its chances of improving its reproductive quality.

    Our horses have 9 types of possible sport characteristics, which can be obtained in different ways: 
    1. The main characteristics
      •  Power
      • Endurance
      • Agility
      These characteristics can be obtained on the ranch tracks and in the paddock
      Their average defines the reproduction rating
    2. The main attributes (note the arrow! Attention, the reproduction effects have the correct pictogram, but the text does not mention "Training in")
      • Power training
      • Endurance training
      • Agility training
    3. Competition attributes
      •  Race
      • Show jumping
      • Dressage
      These characteristics can be obtained by breeding and in the paddock
    These characteristics are used to calculate the horse's score during the different competitions (see point 8
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    5. Training at the ranch

    Historically, training on the jumping track, in the lunging circle and in the quarry were the three initial training grounds. The paddock did not arrive until much later.
    • The jumping track will allow you to improve the power of your horse
    • The career will allow you to improve the endurance of your horse
    • The round of loin will allow you to improve the agility of your horse

    Each training track can only accommodate 1 horse at a time.
    Each horse can only advance 1 skill at a time.
    So let's click on one of these training buildings ...

    1. These tabs allow you to move between the 3 buildings without having to close and reopen the window. In order :
      • the jump track
      • the career
      •  the loin ring
    2. These sliders allow you to select the horse to train. If you only have one horse, they are invisible
    3. This table shows the current values ​​of passage of the obstacles on which the selected training has an impact (see below in point 9)
    4. This table shows the reproduction and paddock effects of your horse. 6 reproduction effects and 6 possible paddock effects.
    5. This slider allows you to set the intensity of the workout. The more horseshoes you use, the more yellow stars the horse will earn for the chosen skill. The duration of the training is 4 hours. In some cases, events can decrease training time.
    6. This slider shows the quantity of irons consumed and what you will have at the end of the training: Number of stars, including the bonus linked to the building level, the passage time with go-getter and recalcitrant effect for each of the 3 obstacles impacted. 
    7. These gauges represent the horse's training level.
      • In green, the level already acquired
      • In blue, the level that will be acquired thanks to the programmed training 
      • In orange, the same if you switch to intensive training (see below)
      • The number in the gauge indicates the number of stars needed to reach the end of the gauge and progress one level.
      • The arrow to the right of the endurance gauge indicates that your horse, thanks to the programmed training, will gain, in this case, 1 level at the end of the training.
      • Note: At each level, the number of stars necessary to change level increases.
    8. Click this button to start training. Then, simply click on one of the other two objects to start a training session in another discipline.
    During training you can see your horse on the track. When training is complete, a large yellow star will appear above the training track. Click on it and you will open the training panel. Click on "recover" (which replaces the "start" button) on the panel to finalize the training and improve your horse.

    warningBe careful not to double-click on "Recover". Otherwise, training starts again immediately (with 20 horseshoes for 2 yellow stars).
    Note: Players below level 60, who do not yet have access to competitions, will see a slightly different screen : 

    Normal and intensive training

    When you choose the number of horseshoes spent on a workout, there is a threshold at which the workout changes from normal to intensive.
    Normal training earns 2 yellow stars for every 20 horseshoes spent.
    Intensive training only earns 1 yellow star for every 20 horseshoes spent.

    For a level 1 training track, the level is 400 horseshoes.
    The first 400 horseshoes will earn you 40 yellow stars (20 horseshoes = 2 stars) and the following horseshoes will earn you fewer stars (20 horseshoes = 1 star).

    The change in training can be seen in different ways:
    The yellow band "Intensive training", the cursor which turns red, the training gauge and the arrow which turn orange.

    Intensive training allows you to earn more yellow stars in a 4 hour session but not using horseshoes in the most cost effective way. So, if you don't have a lot of horseshoes, take your time training your horse and prefer the profitability of every shoe spent.
    If you have a multitude of irons ... do as you see fit ^^
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    6. Paddock training

    This training has absolutely nothing to do with the others. It also takes place in the only horse building that is not on the ranch.

    So let's go for a walk to the coop village. One click on the paddock, then one click on the horse with a green arrow, and here we are.

    You will find here the list of horses, as in your stable. 
    But the header is a little bit different and presents you with 5 useful pieces of information:

    1. The maximum reproduction rating your horse can have to access the paddock.
    2. The maximum reproduction level that your chevalk can have to access the paddock
    3. The number of horses present in the paddock (0) and the maximum number that can be there (30). Note: Each player can only send one horse to the paddock!
    4. The number of horses needed to obtain 100% breeding points in the paddock
    5. the current percentage of breeding points available.
    We will come back to this information later. Let's select a horse (grade 80, level 3, it's good, the arrow is green) and send it to the paddock.

    We are warned that the horse will stay in the paddock for 7 days and that if we do not take care of it, it will return to the stable.
    In fact, if no action is taken on the horse after 7 times 24 hours (duration of the last action included), the horse will return to the stable. But it could stay almost indefinitely, as long as we launch an activity at least every 7 days.
    Let's click on "yes". The window closes, here we are again in front of the paddock. Now, with a click, make the circle reappear. It is no longer the same horse that is active: let's click on the one with the pretty heart

    Ouaille ... Plenty (too much?) Of information jump out at you. Let's take a quick tour, we will detail everything in the following.

    1. The number of horses (9) currently in the paddock and the maximum possible (30)
    2. Breeding points you can take advantage of in case of breeding
    3. Your village dollars account
    4. Your Gold Account
    5. Your spending bonuses linked to village satisfaction
    6. The 10 items you can use to take care of your horse
    7. The objects tab
    8. The object usage history tab
    9. The reproduction tab (active when reproduction is possible)
    10. The love gauge
    11. (outside line) monitoring of filled gauges from the horse's entry to the paddock
    12. (inner lines) the boxes represent the bonus points you can enjoy when breeding, while the needles indicate which skills can be upgraded when breeding
    13. Your horse. Placing your mouse here displays its characteristics
    14. The reproduction panel (active when reproduction is possible)
    15. A button that should not be forgotten: the help button!
    To be able to reproduce your horse, you must fill the love gauge, or 10,000 points, while taking care of your horse. And for that, you have the choice between 10 objects of 3 different types. But before you can use these items, you will need to produce them. Let’s review them.

    Last nameBuildingClosedTypeTimeBase value
    [Min, Max]
    [8, 714]
    [45, 1350]
    [128, 3079]
    FootpickMinerals and Metals FactoryTownCare00:45
    [358, 3092]
    CombWood and textile factoryTownCare01:45
    [523, 3866]
    Bamboo fluteWood and textile factoryTownFun05:00
    [336, 3530]
    BallWood and textile factoryTownFun01:15
    [2056, 5194]
    Jumping obstacleMinerals and Metals FactoryTownFun02:30
    [446, 5101]
    CurryWood and textile factoryTownCare01:30
    [378, 2963]
    Horse blanketWood and textile factoryTownCare04:00
    [850, 7835]
    This table shows you the name of the item, the building and farm where you can produce it, its type, and the number of base points it brings. Why basic value? This is the value the object gives if you use this object first. But as soon as it is used after another object, its value changes. It will depend on the last three objects used. The minimum and maximum values ​​observed on the date of the post are shown in square brackets.
    Also, there is a very slight impact of the "time of day". If you look at the next capture, you will see a clock, alternately representing day and night. Certain items have a bonus at certain times of the day. But it is limited, 1% maximum. it will therefore be ignored in the following.

    Very roughly, it is best to alternate the three types of objects to maximize the points. On the other hand, using the same object twice in a row or once in two will greatly reduce its value.
    Whenever you use an object: 
    • The time countdown before the horse returns to the stable is reset to 7 days.
    • The hands rotate a notch clockwise
    • The gauge fills with a light pink color
    • The object integrates the history
    Here is for example the picture after using a comb.

    And, some time later, we see that the comb gave 1061 points, the treats that followed 800 points, and the horse is busy with the obstacles. 1861 have already been granted (in dark red) and the hedges should give even more (pink)!

    You see the effect of the night on the use of the comb. Instead of the 1056 points announced above, there were 1061, or 0.5% ... Minimal compared to the variations related to the previous objects: Sugar is worth 528 points if used first, but 800 here , or 51.5% more!

    Some ideas for combinations: 
    In 5 objects: Brush (759) - Sugar (960) - Obstacle (3621) - Footpick (3092) - Sugar (1865) = 10,297 points, 5h15
    In 6 objects: Sugar (528) - Obstacle (2160) - Footpick (2414) - comb (2318) - Honey (1107) - Obstacle (3841) = 12.368 points, 8:09
    In 7 objects: Sugar (528) - Cure -foot (1088) - Obstacle (2504) - Curry (1845) - Honey (1169) - Footpick (1886) + Sugar (1129) = 10149 points, 6:24
    Why not do everything identically? Because if you always fill the gauge with the same number of items, you will always improve the same characteristics. It may or may not be a goal.

    And when the gauge is full?
    Either you breed your horse, as explained in the next point, or you start a new activity with a new object. What does this bring you?
    Here is an image taken at the start of the third gauge: 

    1. The gauge restarts at 0. On the other hand, the comb will bring more points, given the objects used at the end of the second gauge;
    2. The exterior counter is colored yellow, one box per gauge previously completed
    3. You receive additional breeding points. 1 point represents 1% chance of success. The first 9 gauges (light boxes) each give 1 point, the next 9 (average) 2 points and the last 9 3 points, ie 57 points maximum.
    4. The green blocks will light up, indicating the skills for which a bonus can be granted on the next breeding attempt
    5. At each filling, the skills are distributed differently. You will see that the skills above and below the number have been reversed.
    Is it more profitable to breed your horse right away or to restart activities? Everyone has their own choice. But I invite you to read the next chapter to clarify it as well as possible!
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    7. Reproduction

    Again, two cases are possible here: Reproduction in the stable, and reproduction in the paddock (in the village). Here is a quick comparison of these two reproductions:
    Horses that disappearboth parentsThe one that is reproduced
    (no impact on the coop's horse)
    Horses that appear11
    Reproduction quality levelCan increaseUnchanged
    Competence levelAverage of parentsUnchanged
    (Evolves if one of the 3 main characteristics improves)
    Training points before next skill levelDecreasesUnchanged
    (Increases if one of the 3 main characteristics improves)
    Generation (yellow heart)Reset to 0+1
    AgeReset to 0Unchanged
    Number of reproductive effects0 to 6, depends on the horse's level (see below)Not applicable
    Choice of reproductive effectsAmong those of parents + 1 newThe new horse keeps the effects of the old one
    Paddock effectsAverage of parentsimproves max 3 effects by max 4 points
    Cost500 regular horseshoesfree *
    (some paid options, see below)

    Breeding in the stable

    Reproduction management is done in the second tab of the stable ("Make reproduce"). 1. Skill level and reproduction rating of the foal The skill level and reproduction rating of the foal are calculated by averaging (lower value) those of their parents (see 1). For example, for power, the foal's level is (38 + 28) / 2 = 33 and for agility, it will be (38 + 29) / 2 = 33.5 so 33 will be retained. Tip: It seems preferable that the two parents chosen have similar levels for each of their skill respectively. Indeed, since it will be the average that will be taken into account for the foal, this will prevent losing the advance that one of the parents would have had.


    2. Reproduction effects Reproduction

    effects are " bonuses " which increase the foal's characteristics to improve its chances during challenges (see the "Competitions" section).

    These effects are transmitted by the parents and can also be gained randomly during breeding. If the boxvczppngis present, the foal will gain a random reproduction effect in addition to those given by its parents. It is possible to visualize the reproduction effects of each parent on the "Make reproduce" tab of the stable but also in the "Reproduction" part of the "Stable" tab:

    However, the number of active reproduction effects is limited and depends on the reproduction rating of the foal: The choice of reproduction effects that will be assigned to the foal will be made immediately after starting reproduction:

    We can see here that the foal can only have two reproductive effects. However, there are 3 available (2 from parents and 1 (green) won randomly during breeding). It will therefore be necessary to make a choice by checking the corresponding boxes and validate to finalize the reproduction.
    If you haven't checked enough effects to fill all the available boxes, some will be randomly chosen from those available to complete.
    Attention: even if the effects are named power, endurance and agility, the green arrow shows that they are very similar effects to the "training in" obtained in the paddock. They will have the same effects as these and have no impact on the main characteristics.

    3. Decrease in points

    Thanks to reproduction, the foal will be able to increase its skill level more easily than its parents. Indeed, it allows to reduce by a certain percentage the number of training points (here 89% for agility) to reach the next level.

    4. Reproduction

    quality The reproduction quality of the horses is visible to the left of his portrait. There are a total of 6 breeding quality levels : common (1), uncommon (2), rare (3), exceptional (4), incredible (5) and legendary (6).

    The higher the reproduction quality, the higher the chances of obtaining better reproductive effects. However, the improvement of this parameter can only be done during reproduction.The foal will then have at least the best quality of its parents. If the box scllpngis present, it means that it will also have a chance to increase it. (The higher the breeding score, the higher the chance of having the x quality.)

    5. Choosing the parents and starting breeding

    If you have more than two horses, you will be able to choose the parents you want. want to use for breeding by clicking on the green arrows. Once your choice is made, you just have to click on vhz5pngfor the reproduction to be done instantly against 500 horseshoes .
    Both parents will be released and your foal will be waiting for you at the stable.

    Breeding in the paddock

    Breeding in the paddock is only available at one time: When a gauge has been completed. It will only concern the horse that has been put in the paddock.

    1. "Free" reproduction

    When the gauge is completed, you arrive directly on the third tab, which gives this window:

    By default, the system offers you 3 horses present in the paddock (8). Each of these horses has different characteristics (10), and when you click on one of the horses, the breeding points mentioned on the wheel (5) may change. If the choice does not satisfy you, you can, in exchange for village dollars, see 3 additional horses, within the limit of the horses present in the paddock. All you need to do is press the button (9).
    These reproduction points are reflected on the counter (1). This is the sum of the 3 parameters identified by the arrows, as well as the bonus (7) granted when you have filled several gauges. The three parameters identified by the arrows are the 3 characteristics that you can modify (2). If you prefer others, you can, for a little gold, turn the wheel a notch clockwise by pressing the button in the center (6).
    Once you have selected the right partner and, possibly, the parameters to be improved, all you have to do is distribute the reproduction points using the sliders (3). Each reproduction point assigned to a characteristic represents a 1% chance to improve that characteristic. 100% therefore indicates that you are sure to improve it, and 0% that you are sure to miss it. In this case, is it better to put 3x 38%, as in the drawing, or lower two sliders to put one of the 3 at 100%? The choice is yours. And when it is done, a click on the heart (4) and the reproduction is launched!

    2. Reproduction using gold

    Can't find a partner to your liking? Take out the wallet, and ask Rose to find you one! Click on its tab (11) and the window changes ...

    The characteristics to be improved are the same (1), but no longer a question of making the wheel turn a notch (2). You choose the characteristics of the horse yourself: if you decrease the gauges (3), the number of breeding points increases. But, there are no secrets, the price of the horse is also increasing. Yes; it is possible to have 300 reproduction points. Click on the blue button to buy your wild horse (which will return to its meadow after breeding), adjust the sliders and breed your horse.

    3. Success or failure?

    When breeding is successful, you will find your "new" horse in the stable. You can send it back to the paddock and start over, or send another one.
    Does that mean we can miss?
    Hey yes, we are talking about percentages ... Even with 99%, there is always a 1% chance of failing reproduction (such as succeeding with only 1%).
    If the breeding fails, the horse stays in the paddock, with a love gauge of around 25%. All you have to do is start over. With a few small details: 
    - At the next breeding attempt, you will no longer have 3 but 6 potential mates (if there are enough in the paddock).
    - If, after a failure, you decide to finish the wheel and do a second before attempting a reproduction, you will have the choice between 3 partners.
    - If you attempt a reproduction after several wheels and miss it, you start over at the same wheel, and therefore with the same arrangement of bonus points.

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    8. Competition against non-player characters

    8.1. Competition score

    Competitions against non-player characters use the competition rating. 
    It is about the "strength" of your horse. For a horse having no reproduction effect, it is calculated as follows: 

    Let us take a "basic" horse, without reproduction effect. (you will see this type of screen several times) 

    His competition score here is 70x3 + 70x2 + 62 = 412.
    But with the different effects, it gets a little more complicated. Here is a table which lists the different characteristics that your horse can have and the way in which they are counted (it does not matter if they come from the "classic" reproduction or from the paddock): 
    CompetitionMultiplied by 3Multiplied by 2Multiplied by 1
    Jumping Power Power
    Agility Agility
    Endurance Endurance
    Show jumping
    DressageAgility Agility
    Endurance Endurance
     Power Power
    RaceEndurance Endurance
     Power Power
    Agility Agility

    8.2. Competition

    We have seen that the improvements to the buildings of the ranch are done using competition irons. In competitions, you can win some.
    Thanks to the competition truck, by going to the 3rd tab "Competition", you will be able to make your horses compete against the horses of the Big Farm characters (which are called NPCs, that is to say Non-Player or Non-Player Characters). -Playable).
    During the racing seasons, you can also compete against other players (see below)
    Here are your 3 opponents, each one has 1 horse, specialized in a certain discipline:
    • George and his horse Bucéphale, show jumping specialists
    • Lester and are chestnut horses, dressage specialists
    • Tessa and her horse Dakota, race specialists
    On this page you can see that a level is indicated in the blue star. This level does not concern the horse but its owner. It corresponds to the number of victories you have won and will determine your gain in competitive irons. Indeed, with each victory, you will win (level + 4) competitive irons.
    The maximum level that your opponent can reach is 220.  Once this level is reached, you will be able to challenge this opponent until you win one last time against him. Then you won't be able to challenge him again. (The image still shows 120, which was the old limit. If you really want the new image, it's here )

    Challenging an NPC won't cost you anything
    By clicking on "Challenge" under George for example, you get this window:

    clyejpg We do not know the characteristics of the opponent's horse apart from its reproduction rating (which is, like your horses, the average of its 3 skills).
    By clicking on "Start", the competition will start and you will see Rose commenting on it.

    By clicking on "Skip", you will go directly to the result of the race.

    If you won
    • You will win competition irons (number of competition irons won = opponent's level + 4)
    • You can see the percentage of chance you had to win as well as the opponent's contest score
    • Your opponent will gain an additional level (blue star)
    • Your opponent's horse will also improve
    • You will be able to compete against this opponent again, either with the same horse or with another of your horses

    If you lost
    • You can see the percentage of chance you had to win as well as the opponent's contest score
    • Your opponent will not gain an additional level (blue star)
    • You don't lose anything, no irons, no competition irons, or dollars
    • The opponent's horse will have to rest and it will not be possible to compete against him for 3 hours (with any of your horses). This time cannot be spent with gold.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 1,114

    9. Competitions between players


    This feature is available from level 60.
    The  competitions between players are only during  competitive seasons  that last between 6 and 12 weeks.
    During the off-season, it is not possible to have your horses compete against those of other players.

    To find out if a season is in progress, go to the display panel and / or the competition truck If there is no current season, you will have these windows: In the panel window display, the time remaining before the next season is then indicated. But if a season is in progress:


    • The display panel will give you access to:
      • to the overview of the current season (leagues, points won, rewards, ...)
      • summaries of challenges you have received from other players
      • at any prices acquired during previous seasons
    • The competition truck (which already allowed you to challenge NPCs) will also allow you to:
      • challenge other players
      • choose your horses for the challenges received

    9.1. The season: leagues, awards, ...

    By selecting the 1st tab of the display panel, you will be able to access the overview of the current season. There are  5 leagues  : Bronze <Silver <Gold <Platinum <Diamond (Bronze being the weakest league) Each divided into several classes  : from 1 to 29 (Bronze), 25 (silver), 40 (gold), 31 (platinum) ), 60 (diamond)  The Diamond League is a bit apart. To access it, you must:


    • reach at least 1250 points.
    • win 50 challenges launched in the Platinum I league.
    Once reached, it is no longer possible to descend from the Diamond League to the Platinum League, unlike other leagues. In addition, we can see all players who have reached this league in an internal ranking, only visible to players in the Diamond League.

    At the start of each season, you start in the Bronze league. The class will depend on the league you finished in the previous season:
    • If you have never participated in a competitive season, you will start with 0 points
    • if you finished the previous one in the Bronze League, you will start with 50 points
    • If you finished in the Silver League, you will start with 100 points
    • If you finished in the Gold League, you will start with 150 points
    • If you finished in Platinum League you will start with 200 points
    • If you finished in Diamond League you will start with 250 points
    To progress in leagues, you must earn ranking points   by winning challenges thrown  to other players. For each challenge started and won, you earn 4 ranking points.
    Be careful, you can also  lose ranking points when you are challenged and lose . The number of Ranking Points lost depends on which league you are in.
    Losing a challenge that you have issued or winning a challenge that you have been given will not move you up the leaderboard.
    I launch the challenge+ 4 Competition pts
    + a lot sleepers
    + some sleepers
    I am challenged+ some sleepers
    + 2Defense pts
    +1 Defense pts
    Silver: -1 Competition pts
    Gold: -2 Competition pts
    Platinum, diamond: -4Competition pts 

    When you reach a  class  for the 1st time, you will get a reward. If you drop down to the lower class, you will not lose this reward. And if you go back to a class already reached before, you will not get the reward a second time.

    NB: At the start of the season, you get the reward linked to the class reached, but also the rewards linked to previous classes.

    At the end of the season, you will also get a reward depending on which league you are in. You will only earn the league reward in question and not the lower league rewards.

    9. 2. Challenge a player

    Thanks to the competition truck, by going to the 1st tab, you can choose to challenge other players.

    You can choose in which discipline you wish to compete (in general, the discipline in which your horse is the best ^^) by using the 3 tabs "Show jumping / Dressage / Race".
    Below, 3 opponents are proposed to you. The reproduction rating of their horse is indicated as well as the league where they are (via the colored background). With each challenge, the opponents are changed. For each opponent, the possible wins are displayed on the left side.
    In the lower part of the window, you can see the proposed route for the event.

    To choose your horse and get a little more info on a player's horse, and any rewards, select your opponent and click "View". You will then obtain this window:

    In the upper part of the window, you see the route proposed for the event. With the green arrows you can scroll the whole course to see the different obstacles.
    In the central part you see the two opponents. Your best horse for this challenge will be automatically selected but you can still choose another one using the arrows to the left and right of its name. Regarding your opponent's horse, you will only be able to see certain information. Let us look (without falling!) On this central part:

    1. Items programmed for use in competitions (you cannot see your opponent's). You can use 3 different types of objects, but you need an object for each obstacle affected by the object. If there is not enough, the items will be used on the first obstacles. The method to create these objects and their operation is shown in the following post.
    2. Defense level
    3. Breeding coast
    4. Button that allows you to switch to the characteristics display
    5. Characteristics of horses. You can see the detail for your horse, but only, for the attributes of the opposing horse, only the name, but not the value. 
    Finally, in the last part, you see a summary of the obstacles of the race and the characteristics of passage.
    Let's take a closer look.
    The time between the start line and the first obstacle depends on your horse's reproduction rating.
    Then, for each obstacle, your horse can adopt a recalcitrant behavior, normal or go-getter. The time for passing an obstacle in "normal" mode is always 10 seconds. The time for recalcitrant or go-getter behavior depends on the main characteristics. Finally, the percentages of each behavior are determined by the different attributes, except for the normal behavior which is always 28%.
    You will find more detail below.

    If you start this challenge (by clicking the "Start" button), 12L of gasoline will be removed from your gas tank. If you don't have these 12Ls, the "Start" button will be grayed out and you will not be able to compete.
    (See a little below for the management of the gasoline stock).

    You will then have the end of challenge window indicating:
    - if you have won or lost
    - your gains (competition irons, ranking points or number of victories in diamond I, horse emblems)
    - the course of the competition, with the time taken to pass each obstacle.


    9. 3. Competitive skills

    As already announced above, competition skills depend on the characteristics of your horses. 
    Let's try to quickly present how things work:
    The main characteristics (  Power,  Endurance,  Agility) have an impact on the times required to pass an obstacle in recalcitrant or go-getter mode.
    The attributes linked to the main characteristics (identical logos, with the green arrow) all increase the chances of go-getter behavior for the obstacles they concern.
    The specific attributes ( Show Jumping,  Dressage,   Running) increase the chances of go-getter behavior on the obstacles they favor, but reduce it on others.
    And to find out which obstacle is concerned:
    Blue barSand mountvolte of flowerbedRed barrierMud poolThree-tree chicaneGreen barrierBranchesParade march gate

    Sun Time--

    -Sun Time-

    --Sun Time

    Entr. power
    Sun 0.8% recalcitrant
    Aug. 0.8% go-getter

    Entr. endurance
    -Sun 0.8% recalcitrant
    Aug. 0.8% go-getter

    Entr. agility
    --Sun 0.8% recalcitrant
    Aug. 0.8% go-getter

    Blue barRed barrierGreen barrierSand mountMud poolBranchesvolte of flowerbedThree-tree chicaneParade march gate

    Show jumping
    Sun 0.2% recalcitrant
    Aug. 0.2% go-getter

    Sun 0.2% recalcitrant
    Aug. 0.2% go-getter

    Sun 0.2% recalcitrant
    Aug. 0.2% go-getter
    The different effects can also be influenced by the items you might equip your horse and his jockey with. These onjets will be explained later.
    Percentages are given for 1 point.


    9. 4. Being challenged by another player

    Since you can challenge other players, it is normal that other players can challenge you ^^
    You must therefore define which of your horses will be challenged according to the  discipline chosen by the opponent .

    You will be able to select them in the 2nd tab of the "Tournament Preparation" competition truck:

    Each discipline can be represented by a different horse, but you can also choose the same horse for the 3 disciplines.
    1. The horse selected for a discipline is displayed on the discipline tab
    2. The green tick indicates that the horse is selected for this discipline
    3. Using the arrows to the left and right of its name, you can scroll through your horses
    4. Each horse has 3 items for each competition: a head protection, a headpiece and a saddle strap. There is always one object of each assigned type, you can only change its effect by clicking on it (see below). Unlike the items used when you initiate a challenge, these items are not consumed.
    5. This table shows the characteristics of your horse. The numbers in green undergo a modification as a result of the effects.
    6. If you display a horse that is not the one selected, this button is green and allows you to select your horse (as below).
    7. If you don't want to take the lead, check this button and the game will automatically select the best horse

    1. If I click on the head protection, it is framed in green and a table appears on the right
    2. With the green arrows, I can scroll through the available objects. The one I leave visible will be the one selected. Please note, the "choose" button is linked to the horse, not to the equipment!
    3. In the table under the object are listed in the first column the levels of defense. There are 10 levels.
    4. In the following columns appear the three effects of the object.
    5. Depending on the object selected, the time and percentage values ​​for recalcitrant and go-getter effects change. Those of normal effects are fixed and are therefore not repeated here.

    For the table below, "F" means "go-getter behavior" and "R" stands for "recalcitrant behavior". The values ​​are those of level 10, easily attainable.
    ObjectQualifierDisciplinedDepartureRed barrierMud poolThree-tree chicane
    Blue barSand mountvolte of flowerbed
    Green barrierBranchesParade march gate

    Awesome Wild
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    -0.7s (F)
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    -0.7s (F)-
    All-2.5s-0.7s (F)-+5 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    Stimulating-> +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    -> +20 
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    Soothing-> +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    Robust-> +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    Traditional-> +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    > +20 
    (+ 4% F, -4% R)
    All--0.7s (F)-0.7s (F)-0.7s (F)
    All--1s (R)-1s (R)-1s (R)
    Tip: If you use these last two pieces of equipment, use the one that reduces the recalcitrant effect time until the go-getter percentage reaches 42.35%. Beyond that, use the reduction of the go-getter effect.  

    You can access the last 50 challenges that players gave you by going to the 2nd tab of the "Tournament News" display panel: For each challenge received, you will receive a message: - dating from the time of the challenge - with the nickname player who challenged you - indicating in the subject line if you won or lost and in which discipline. By clicking on a message, you will then get the same end challenge window as when you launch the challenges. Warning :


     In this "Tournament News" tab, you will only see the results of the challenges received.
    There is no history of the challenges you have initiated.

    9.5 . Understand your gasoline stock

      When you challenge a player, you can see your gasoline supply at the bottom left of the window:
    • The 1st number corresponds to your gasoline stock (here 12L). Your stock of gasoline cannot exceed the capacity of your tank.
    • The 2nd number corresponds to the capacity of your tank. The base capacity is 100L and it can be increased up to 300L thanks to boosts.
    • The 3rd number is the amount of gasoline you will receive every hour. Basically, you receive 10L of gasoline per hour and this amount can be increased up to 13L per hour thanks to boosts.
    • The 4th number is the time left before receiving gasoline.
    • The + is used to access the gas station in order to obtain boosts. You can also access the gas station via the 2nd tab of the horse market (see the paragraph "Horse market")

    9. 6.  Prize: Title, trophy  and  portrait

    You will find in the 3rd tab of the display panel the various titles, trophies and portraits in your possession. They are won by finishing the season in some leagues.


    The titles and portraits are visible to other players when launching the challenges:
    The portrait is also visible to you above your nickname on your farms:
    Regarding the trophy, you can see it on your ranch between the market and the competition truck. You can also see those of other players by visiting their farm.

    Warning:  Once selected, titles, trophies and portraits can no longer be unselected. You will need to keep one, but "neutral" prices are available.
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    10. The production cycle of objects

    You read it, it is possible to assign objects to our horses when launching a challenge. But the subject was not developed.
    Why ? You will understand it from the length of this post. This part is accessible from level 60.

    10.1. Trees

    In the ranch are initially 11 trees and 90 stumps. Each stump can give a tree. It is not possible to choose which stump will give which tree, but in the end everyone will have the same number of each type of tree.
    Baumstumpf-iconStrain> 50k  & 8h> Lev. 1> 100k  & 10h> Lvl. 2> 150k & 12h> Lev. 3> 200k  & 14h> Lev. 4
    Korkeiche-iconOak cork
    Kapokbaum-iconKapok tree
    1 p.m.190+380
    Exotischer Baum-iconExotic tree
    Blaue Kfer-iconBlue insects
    Hibiskusblten-iconHibiscus flowers
    Each additional level increases capacity and production by 14%.
    The production is fully automated, you don't have to start it manually. However, you have to harvest manually.


    10.2. The mine

    In addition to its function of producing dollars and gold, from level 60 the mine can also produce copper and tin ore.
    OreEmblemsGolden ironsDuration
    Improving the mine increases the amount of ore harvested, as well as their storage capacity.


    10.3. Primary buildings

    These basic ingredients can be processed in three workshops to obtain the basic materials: 

    • Tannery: mushrooms & cork => mushroom leather, cork leather, composite leather
    • Spinning: kapok fruit, hops => kapok, hop fiber, composite fiber
    • Dyeing workshop for blue insects, hibiscus flowers, birch leaves => yellow, red and blue dyes
    • Forge: Copper, tin => Tin, copper or composite metal bars

    These productions are also automated and harvested automatically. However, you must manually modify what the workshop produces. Workshops should be built using horse emblems.
    These basic materials have limited storage, independent of that of your barns.
    LevelEmblemsConstruction durationStorage capacity
    4240,0002 p.m.400%

    10.4. The saddler's workshop

    These basic materials can then be transformed in the saddler's workshop to make usable equipment.
    The saddler's workshop also has 4 levels: 
    LevelEmblemsConstruction durationStorage placesCapacity per seat
    4120,0002 p.m.1540
    Each object exists up to 18 different versions! Each item can effectively have 2 different effects, each effect being applicable to each of the 9 traps.
    ObjectCommon effectPrerequisiteObstacles
    Go-ahead effect -1sNoAll
    Recalcitrant effect -1sNoAll
    +7 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)
    Red barrierMud poolThree-tree chicane
    +7 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Green barrierBranchesParade march gate
    +7 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Blue barSand mountvolte of flowerbed
    Start -2.5s
    Essence + 1 if the go-getter effect on the obstacle
    Start -2.5s
    Golden irons +10 if go-getter effect on the obstacle
    +40 (+ 8% F, -8% R)
    1 empty space *Red barrierGreen barrierBlue bar
    +40 (+ 8% F, -8% R)
    1 empty space *
    Mud poolBranchesSand mount
    +40 (+ 8% F, -8% R)
    1 empty space *
    Three-tree chicaneParade march gatevolte of flowerbed
    +10 (+ 8% F, -8% R)
    1 empty space *
    Red barrierMud poolThree-tree chicane
    +10 (+ 8% F, -8% R)
    1 empty space *
    Green barrierBranchesParade march gate
    +10 (+ 8% F, -8% R)
    1 empty space *
    Blue barSand mountvolte of flowerbed
     >  +28 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Red barrierGreen barrierBlue bar
    >  +28 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Red barrierGreen barrierBlue bar
    >  +28 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Mud poolBranchesSand mount
    >  +28 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Mud poolBranchesSand mount
    >  +28 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)Three-tree chicaneParade march gatevolte of flowerbed
    >  +28 (+ 5.6% F, -5.6% R)

    Three-tree chicaneParade march gatevolte of flowerbed
    * empty slot: this is one of the 12 slots here:

    Each piece of equipment requires different materials, I will not make the complete list. But you will find all the "recipes" in the first tab of the saddler's workshop.

    And all the material produced finds its place in the second tab. There you will find the number of slots depending on the level of your workshop, and each slot can hold 30 or 40 copies of an item. The same object cannot occupy two spaces. You are therefore limited to 30 or 40 copies of the same item, depending on the level of the workshop.

    10.5. Improvement of equipment

    The third tab is used to improve

    equipment Common equipment can be upgraded to rare level (framed in blue), which itself can be upgraded to epic level (framed in gold, which is not easily distinguishable from bronze in common equipment )
    Each improvement will obviously require materials but also, at this level, metal bars and emblems.
    Rare equipment offers double the benefits of common equipment, epic equipment offers triple.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 1,114

    11. The horse market

    You will unlock the Horse Market upon reaching  level 21 . You will find the  gas station there , but also the  equestrian shop  (as soon as you obtain a horse of grade 40).

    11.1 Petrol station

    The petrol station allows you to obtain different advantages for challenges against players. You can get more information about a boost by clicking on it and reading the window to the right.

    There are 2 types of benefits:
    • 4 boosts to obtain additional essence.
    • 2 boosts to expand your gas tank.
    Extra Gasoline:

    There are two ways to get extra gasoline.

    The first possibility is to buy gasoline directly  (the top two boxes). It allows you to obtain  8 additional L for $ 24,000  or  16 additional L for 150 gold . These two boosts are  limited to 3 purchases per day each.
    You can see, at the top right of the box, the number of boosts already purchased and at the top left, the time before the counter reset.

    The second possibility is to increase the quantity of gasoline received per hour  (the two middle boxes). It allows to obtain  1L ofAdditional 2L per hour against 300 gold , both  valid for 24 hours .
    You can see, at the top left of the box, the remaining time during which the boost will be activated.
    If you buy the same boost several times   (+1 or + 2L / h),  the duration of action will be increased by 24 hours per boost purchased .
    If you have the  different boosts  (+1 and + 2L / h) activated over the same period,  the effects will be cumulative  (you will have + 3L / h).

    Enlarged fuel tank:

    It is possible to enlarge your fuel tank. For that, there are two boosts (the two bottom boxes):
    • a boost allowing  150 L  to be stored instead of 100 L against  9,990 gold .
    • a boost allowing to  store 300 L  instead of 100 L against  14 990 gold .
    If you buy the first boost , the second will be cheaper. You will then be offered  5,000 gold  (difference between the two prices).

    These two boosts are not cumulative . That is to say that if you buy the first you will have 150 L of reserve, then, if you realize that this is not enough, by buying the second, you will have 300 L, and not 450 L.

    Attention:  These two boosts are only valid  for the current season .

    11.2 Equestrian shop

    When at least one of your horses has reached  breeding rating of 40 , you will be able to  buy horses  for  gold irons , gold,  or  both .


    Once unlocked, the shop will not be reblocked if, following a reproduction or the release of a horse, your best horse has a rating lower than 40. Every 24 hours, the offers will be changed  and new ones will be randomly generated. The time for a new offer to be offered can be  spent with 290 gold  (regardless of the time remaining). The 6 horses  that are offered to you  will have different colors, reproduction effects (sometimes exclusive - higher values ​​-), breeding odds, breeding qualities and different skill levels. However, they will still perform significantly  less than your best horse . the  flags


     that can be seen on certain offers (see illustration) are  indicators on the "quality" of the offer . There are  4 different colors  : green, orange, yellow and gold, gold being the "legendary" offers, so in principle the most attractive.

    When we buy a horse, we are asked to  name it immediately  and it cannot be renamed afterwards, except for gold. In addition, it will  not be replaced by another offer .

    Note : Horses purchased of course use stalls from your stable. You must therefore free up a place if you no longer have any by:
    • improving the stable.
    • freeing a horse
    • reproducing two horses
  • Great and extremely comprehensive horse guide, great work! :wink:

    Made by Jonquille6 (FR1)
  • I never did understand the horse ranch. I now realise I never shall.
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    I never did understand the horse ranch. I now realise I never shall.
    @FarmerTeresa (GB1)

    May we know what part you are confused at? We moderators might be able to answer the questions, Other than us, the EN community is a house of very helpful players who might be able to clear your doubts regarding horse ranch  o:)  

    Feel free to let us know, we are always happy to help ^^

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    The Horse Ranch Guide is Very nice
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    Thanks to @farmerjohn 22 (US1)
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    I had cleared all my doubts with this guide
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    Thanks to @farmerjohn 22 (US1)
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  • BugsBunny said:
    I never did understand the horse ranch. I now realise I never shall.
    @FarmerTeresa (GB1)

    May we know what part you are confused at? We moderators might be able to answer the questions, Other than us, the EN community is a house of very helpful players who might be able to clear your doubts regarding horse ranch  o:)  

    Feel free to let us know, we are always happy to help ^^

    It's impossibly complicated. I tried making some boots in the saddlers workshop but I can't use them because it always says 'horse has the wrong breeding effects'. I don't even know what breeding effects are never mind why it stops my horses using the boots. I really have no idea what any of this means and everytime I try reading the explanation it might as well be in Chinese. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF IT MEANS. So as my horses nearly always lose now I gave up bothering with the horse ranch altogether.
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