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Riddles for Everyone

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  Contest Duration: October 17 - 23, 2020  


1 Riddle page per day will be issued.
Submit answers within 24 hrs. via private message to @ChickadeeQuilter.  
Answers submitted after the next day's Riddle post will be disqualified.
Contest will run for 7 days
Prizes will be awarded on a point system: 1 pt. for every correct riddle solved.
DO NOT POST ANSWERS ON THIS THREAD. Doing so will disqualify your answers.

Total amount of prize gold to be divided among the winners: 75,000 Gold, plus bonus amounts of the following prizes: Seaweed Humus; Seaweed Feed; Seaweed Fertilizer; Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer; Golden Horseshoes; Horseshoes
All participants will receive : 1 deco and a Contest Badge.



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