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Hello Farmers

Goodgame Studios rarely performs price changes in our shop, when taxes or foreign exchange change. However, this time we are forced to increase prices in the following countries where the local currency has been losing value for the past three years. Using the same principle, we will be lowering prices in the following two countries.

  • Argentina:
    Prices have increased to account for inflation as well as the PAIS tax and the more recent 35% withholding tax, decided in the General Resolution No. 4815/2020.
  • Brazil:
    Prices have increased to account for inflation as well as the complex set of taxes imposed on foreign companies.
  • Turkey:
    TRY is currently the currency which has seen the largest devaluation in our shop and prices have increased to account for it, as well as the 18% VAT which foreign companies now need to pay in Turkey.
  • Saudi Arabia:
    Despite Goodgame Studio now having to remit 5% VAT on all Sales in this country, SAR has also gained value and therefore we will see a price reduction in our Shop.
  • United Arab Emirates:
    Similarly, to Saudi Arabia, the AED has also saw enough valuation, that even with 5% VAT we will be reducing our prices in this UAE.

We are aware that pricing changes, specially increases, are not welcome and it’s not something we do with a light heart; however, this is the only way to keep offering our shop in local currency. It is also essential to keep our servers balanced and the game fair.

Please note, that the price changes will not affect existing subscriptions. If your subscription was made at a lower price won’t change unless you cancel the subscription and re-subscribe.

Best regards,

Your Goodgame Studios Team

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