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[New Update] - Make Space For Boosters 💛

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September Update - Make SPACE for Boosters

September 2020 Update

Hello Farmers

Ready yourself for a new update! Even though summer is over, we are diving right into autumn with many new activities and more content!

This update will present you with some more space on your farms, additional handbook levels from the library and the brand-new booster system. Let’s get right into it.

Discover New Handbooks at the Library

New Handbooks

Autumn is the best season to settle down in the park or your living room, watch the leaves fall and enjoy a good book over a cup of coffee or tea. For this, we equip you with some new books at the library!

The new handbooks cover the gourmet and the flower farm, adding five new levels for a maximum of 12 each. Additionally, the dairy gets its first series of handbooks from level 1 to 5. Will you start a new collection with the dairy handbooks? 

Go to the library on the main farm and check the new additions to the handbook family! Bookworms welcome!

Expanding in all Directions

Space Upgrade

Get ready to make your farm bigger than ever before and we’re talking literally. Brand new farm extensions for your main farm as well as your gourmet farm are coming with this update and that’s not all: We’re adding diamonds as a purchase option in combination with the others for these new farm expansions! Essentially, your payment options for the brand new expansions are as follows:

Option 1: Cash and Diamonds

Option 2: Gold and Diamonds

Option 3: Gold

Save up on either cash or gold and diamonds and make your farm the biggest one around!

A Big Boost for Everyone!

New Booster System

Not too long ago we already teased a new Booster System coming and then postponed it to make sure all your old boosters are carrying over to the new system. Let us explain to you again how you make the best use of this new system that is coming to your farms:

The brand-new booster system is more organized and easy to maintain for all Farmers! Once a booster is activated on your farm, a new booster icon appears on the right-hand side of the game screen, just above the Next Harvest Timer. By hovering over the icon, all running boosters pop up, and you can check their remaining times. Clicking on the icon opens an overview dialog where all running and idle boosters are displayed. 

There are different booster categories like Animal Stables, Orchards, Fields, Factories, XP and Construction Time. The production building-related booster categories come with three kinds of boosters. They are:

(1) reducing production time,

(2) increasing the amount of harvested produce, and 

(3) increasing XP upon harvest.

Each booster type offers more variety of values compared to the previous system. More importantly, only one value can be activated for each type at a time, and the rest of the booster with other values stands idle in the queue. However, if you have a booster with a higher value than the running one, you can activate the higher one at your own time.

Other kinds like the Reputation boosters, the Firework boosters and so on will not change, but they will be still included as part of the new system.

How cool is that? Being able to manage boosters at your own desire truly makes you the master of the new booster system!


You have the following boosters in your queues.

New Booster Sysytem
In the Field booster queue:

  • Field XP booster: +100, +250, +500
  • Field production time reduction booster: -60%, -90%

In the Animal stable booster queue:

  • Animal stable XP booster: +50, +100, +500
  • Animal stable production time reduction booster: -10%, -25%

Current active boosters:

  • In the Field booster queue:
    • Field XP booster: +100 & Field production time reduction booster: -60%
  • In the Animal stable booster queue:
    • Animal stable XP booster: +50 + Anima stable production time reduction booster: -10%
  • Construction Time Reduction booster -10%
  • XP booster + 10%

The rest of the boosters stay idle in the queue, but if they have higher values than the running ones and have the green reply icon, you can also activate them at your own time.

Get ready for the Best Fall Events!

There are many events coming around this season in Big Farm. Why is this important? Many of these events contain something especially nice for this season and are worth a glance with updated looks and rewards!

Deal of the Month: Touring Theater

Secure your tickets as the Touring theater is the next Deal of the Month! This vibrant improv theater brings joy to both young and old.

And that's it for the September Update. Be sure to check out all these goodies on your Farm!

Fixed bugs:

  • Bakery - Fixed an issue that caused Farm flash boost to not trigger when storage is full

  • Barn - Fixed Carrot Seeds being shown as Carrots in the barn menu

  • Horse Ranch - Fixed misplaced Gas station fuel display

  • Dairy - Fixed an issue that caused booster token production to not appear

  • Field - Fixed an issue that prevented Premium Carrot Seeds from being sown after event end

  • Field - Fixed an issue that displayed Premium Carrot Seeds twice

  • Garage - Fixed broken dialog that appeared when using the Powerhouse 

  • Garage - Fixed issue that prevented building of the Powerhouse 

  • Greenhouse - Fixed issue that displayed the Carrot seed tab in the Greenhouse

  • Horse Ranch - Fixed an issue that caused a dummy text to appear when upgrading trees

  • Deco Tower - Farm Cinema decoration is no longer missing

  • Gold - Cooperative gold added dialog no longer appears when no cooperative gold is really added after a purchase

  • Harvesting - Fixed issue that prevented sell dialog from working when storage capacity is already surpassed

  • Harvesting  - Fixed issue that caused production graphics to miss when using Booster Tokens

  • Menu - Fixed issue that caused the Sale button to disappear after relogging

  • Island Farm - Corrected Term for коктейл с портокалов сок in BG

  • Farmer’s League - Fixed issue that prevented title overview tab from appearing when clicking it while Urgent Delivery Event is happening

  • Farmer’s League - Fixed issue that only added bonus rewards from being credited after sub-events

  • Farmer’s League - Fixed issue that caused wrong title to be displayed after collecting rewards

  • Oktoberfest - Fixed declined contract countdown display

  • Urgent Delivery - Fixed issue that caused carrots to still be available for farming as last seed used after event ended

  • Urgent Delivery - Fixed issue that prevented coop points from being added

  • Urgent Delivery - Fixed issue that prevented typing in amount that are not max or min when donating

  • Urgent Delivery - Fixed issue that showed error code when trying to donate more than what you have

  • Urgent Delivery - Fixed various display issues

  • Rewards - Fixed issue that caused seed bags to be displayed on seed bags in reward dialog

  • Winter Farm - Fixed missing Rune display issue

  • Dream World - Two different timers are no longer displayed

  • Dream World - Fixed issue that caused empty dialog to appear after sowing a field

  • Village Fair - Fixed issue that caused blank pages in the League filter

  • Wheel of Fortune - Fixed overlapping text in PT

  • Winter Farm - Fixed issue that displayed wrong upgrade amount

You can discuss the OA here.

Happy Farming,
Your Big Farm Team

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