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Masters League (different events)

  • Cooperative Championship
Wish list/Suggestions:

Village Fair -  since i notice this is recently more usual active than HWE/CHWE.
  • among platimun divisions, you can choose which coop is the highest to promote on Masters League
  • this would be same as current implementation. the coop will choose basket(between very long to short ) base on local server
  • same goes w/ CC ML, top 5 coop will remain.
WWC - it's not fair when player from least server ranking made like 1m master points got only few WWC coins compare to another player from top server made only 100k got much WWC coins.
  • pick 2 of top 1 (from  Level 91-250,  Level 251-999 league/division)
  • make separate WWC coin rewards every week for each player depending on rankings
  • same goes w/ CC ML, top 3, 5 or 10 player will remain.
CHWE - might same implementation as Cooperative Championship Masters League

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