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St. Patrick's Day Event [Tutorial] 🌼

plovers barrow (IN1)plovers barrow (IN1) IN1 Posts: 82
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St. Patrick's Day 🌼

From time to time, a leprechaun will prank you and one of your buildings will have a decrease in production (50%).

In order to remove this negative effect, youll need to finish the production or find the hidden leprechaun on your farm.

Once you find the leprechaun, he will present you with 3 pots and ask you to choose one!

One will start the negative effect on another building (the previous one is removed by finding the leprechaun).

One will contain a small booster (+100% production for one production.)

Rewards 🌼

50 activity rewards to collect during the event (only the regular collectibles count). 1x St. Patricks themed decoration (max values: 79 NHP and 39 VHP). Normal happiness depends on individual player activity. Village Happiness : same value for every member of the coop. 1x event-themed appearance (Residential) for the Top 10 players who collect the most individual collectibles. 1x St. Patricks Day Flag for the Top 250 players who collect the most individual collectibles.

If you get pranked again after finding a leprechaun, you can find another leprechaun to get rid of the new prank. So in a sense you can always get rid of the prank! There is a cooldown of 5 hours between pranks.

Thats all I could remember about the event. If there is anything else I've missed, feel free to remind me or add it here straight away with your comments, as it will help others.


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