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Simplified Horse Tutorial, Volume1, 6/10/2020

WillyBigFoot (FormerMod)WillyBigFoot (FormerMod) Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 142
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Greetings everyone to The Simplified Horse Tutorial!
As most people noticed already, there is a lot of new and different things to understand now.
This tutorial, is trying to simplify and identify all the important details in The New Horse Ranch

The main statistics affect the times to pass obstacles (you want higher stats)

Strength - Will decrease times on first type of obstacle (for all types of competition)
Endurance - Will decrease times on second type of obstacle (for all types of competition)
Agility - Will decrease times on third type of obstacle (for all types of competition) 

Basically, the higher your main stats on your horse, the faster it will be for every time your horse rush's or balk's

Breeding effects will improve your % to Rush/Balk (You want Breeding effects of same type)

This is a very important aspect, that is fairly new, and partly explains why a lot of players tend to lose

You will want to have breeding effects , that will improve the same type of competition , You will have to choose in what type of competition you want to participate in, then set your breeding effects accordingly

If you want to focus on Show jumping, You will want all Show jumping breeding effects

If you want to focus on Dressage, You will want all Elegance breeding effects

If you want to focus on Racing, You will want all Speed breeding effects

As you can see in the 2 previous pictures, having all speed Breeding boosters, improves a lot the odds of special behaviors for every obstacle 

To build up your horse above 100-120, you'll want to learn how to use the Coop Horse Meadow

Most people must have noticed that with the Horse ranch buildings to upgrade, it becomes extremely hard to keep building up your horse at that point approximately, you can start using the Coop meadow at any level really
Worth Repeating: you can start using the Coop meadow at any level 
Get your co-op team putting horses in there !
Help and encourage them thru the learning curve

How to effectively use the coop Horse Meadow.
You will want to focus on grabbing the Main stat icons that are bigger
(it will increase directly those stats on your horse by +1)

How to fill the breeding bar
 It depends on how many items you use. That will determine which Big icon you can choose
4 items rotation will end up on agility : Honey Pellet - Ball - Comb - Ball 
5 items rotation will end up on Endurance - Honey Pellet - Ball - Hoof Pick - Honey Pellet - Ball
6 items rotation will end up on Strength - Honey Pellet - Ball - Hoof Pick - Honey Pellet - Honey Pellet - Ball
Note: To be able to produce/use balls, you will need the Textile factory to be at least level 55 
You can use other alternatives of rotation to achieve the same goals, But the balls improves the whole process drastically

#1 - Rectangle with the arrow - Your coop will need a minimum amount of horses in the meadow, to get full potential
If there isn't enough horses, you'll see the % go under 100%, you can ask your coop mates to send any horse in there :)
#2 - The single arrow will let you see 9 different horses 
You will want to find the horse that gives the most Genes (In the rectangle)

On that picture, You will want to move the sliders, to make sure you put the most points in the Big Icon Stat 
If you have extra genes to place, its recommended that you set them in the small icon of Main stat
In resume
-You will want high main stats.
-You will want breeding effects of the same type (and the most possible)
Now that's it for the Training of your horse effectively, Volume One 

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  • WillyBigFoot (FormerMod)WillyBigFoot (FormerMod) Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 142
    edited 23.06.2020
    Hello, I will be the first to admit we made a few mistakes in Vol.1
    Vol.2 is coming, If we can figure it out  :D  Perhaps there will be a Horse Ranch update soon-ish :)
    I think a Horse Ranch Dream World might be very helpful and might bring back some of the FUN!

    What do you think? 
    Is a Horse Ranch Dream World a good idea?
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  • WillyBigFoot (FormerMod)WillyBigFoot (FormerMod) Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 142
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    Hi, what would be best to cut from the complete horse ranch to make a smaller Horse Ranch Dream World?
    The Horse Ranch is very connected so it would have to be trimmed to make a small short-ish HRDW.
    Perhaps something similar to The Triple Crown, The Preakness, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes kind of thing?
    One of your ideas might spark something in the producers. I would really like to know what YOU inquiring minds think!
    I am hearing TO much unhappiness about the horse ranch and i want make it better BUT i need Your Help!
    Constructive Help, No complaining! No whinging! PLEASE!
    Positive ways to make the horse ranch become a fun part of our 3 main farms. 

    When i started playing Big Farm almost a decade ago i was just looking for a gardening game to play and relax after work,
    3 farms, a lot more then the garden I was looking for but, here I am, smiling.  :)
    Now look at it, hahaha. I love fishing, I love horses, but wow BF ain't what it used to be. That is good!
    Thank you
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