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Update May 28 - The Diamond Upgrade

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 Hello Farmers

Diamonds are not something that the average farmer needs.
But the Big Farmers like us, need more Diamonds to make the farms shine even brighter!
The upcoming update will bring more opportunities for you to gain Diamonds and more exciting content.

New Diamond Boxes

Miners discovered a new type of box in the mine as they were working on mining gold and ores. They are calling it the Diamond Boxes and they contain useful items like seaweed items, Wheel of Fortune tokens, and of course, diamonds. There are multiple versions of these boxes and one of them even contains nothing but pure diamonds. What a catch!

New Diamond Flower seeds

Hold on, I just received more diamond related news! Along with Diamond boxes, the brave miners also discovered a new type of flower along with rare seeds. They are calling them Diamond Seeds and they will be the most stunning new addition to your farm. Trust me, they are so dreamy, they will not only appear on your main farm but in your Dream World as well. Of course, these Diamond seeds and Diamond flowers yield Diamonds once you harvest them so get on that train before they run out!

The Diamond Seeds will be offered in the in-game sales and other avenues soon. Don't miss it!

Horse Ranch is improved again!

Reporting from the Horse Ranch, I received a note that there will be changes to the activity rewards and season prizes. They will be easier to spot from now on and the new Diamond boxes will be rewarded to top players in the diamond league during the upcoming Horse Season.

Also, you will now be able to display up to 10 trophies on your ranch to show the world your most valuable accomplishments.

The Wizard of Oz Cup is returning to the horse ranch this horse season with new rewards and an improved season overview! And, The new season is starting TODAY!

You might be able to win the new Diamond box if your horse reached the highest league. The beauty of the brand-new Diamond box is that it will be available ONLY as part of the activity and ranking rewards for the diamond league.

Changes in the season overview are as follows:

  • The number of activity rewards will be displayed in the activity reward section.
  • There will be a notification on the green arrow buttons if the rewards of the previous/next leagues have not been collected yet.
  • There will be two tabs in the activity reward section of the diamond league showing the activity rewards and the ranking.
  • The overview of the ranking reward for the diamond league will be added.

The season pass is expanding its options!

The Farmers League is coming to your farm TODAY, offering some improvements to the season pass.

With this update, it will become clearer what additional rewards you will receive when buying a season pass. Before/After activating the pass, you can see exactly which bonus rewards are actually coming from the season pass.

Besides, there will be two more options added to the season pass!

  • The full season pass allows you to earn bonus rewards for all earned title promotions rewards and league event end rewards.
  • NEW: The single title promotion pass allows you to earn bonus rewards for the title promotion reward of the ongoing event, in which you are taking part.
  • NEW: The single league event pass allows you to earn bonus rewards for the league event end reward of the ongoing event, in which you are taking part.

Please keep in mind that the title promotion rewards and league event end rewards will be stored and collected manually on the Reward & Gifts dialog.

Offer Hub

It's time to get excited, especially for those with small screens! The offers on top of the page have banded together to present you with the minimalistic and stylistic Offer Hub! No more will your farm be blocked by too many offers at once. From now on they will be hidden behind one icon and you can access them via hovering over it with your mouse. To make sure you will still be in the know when a really special offer is available, the best offer will represent the hub as its icon. And that's not even everything, from now on there will only be one pop-up offer when you start the game, so you better keep an eye out if you don't want to miss any of our greatest hits!

Build Shop Icons & improvements

There will be a bunch of new badges added, for the following instances and some more: Silo, Field, Garden, Goat, Duck, meadow, olives, and many more!

Also, we made it easier to find and equip a different and specific avatar. You can still cycle through all your avatars from left to right as you used to but you can now view all of your available avatars on a grid that you can access via a button added underneath your avatar! Bet you will find at least one pretty avatar that you just completely forgot.

Storage Building: Chicken chalet

We live in a society and so do chickens. Recently, the chickens on your farm seem to be growing together more so you should consider uniting the different chicken households with the new Chicken chalet that will be available in the build menu. It's chicken real estate!

Let the Fortune Teller divine your farm

The fortune teller is pushing the purple curtain out of her way and coming into sight. Time to divine the future of your farm! Maybe she is sensing that you will become a great farmer! Try your luck on the Fortune Teller.

Now you can ask the fortune teller 14 times for divination, and you might be able to win the great rewards like seaweed items, Wheel of Fortune tokens, and a lot more GOLD!


Listed below are some of the main bugs that have been fixed in this update:

  • Village Fair - Select Challenge - the first page of the league was not displayed as default
  • Village Fair - Challenge Support - required points for the next reward was not displayed
  • Village Fair - Challenge - the left side panel of the challenge overview was not updated correctly
  • DreamWorld - Combined Trader - unable to buy + ErrorCode 4 popping up
  • Shinkei Suijaku Event - Scores - wrong points were display after finishing lessons
  • Shinkei Suijaku Event - numbers and points display on the pairs found panel were missing
  • Temp Farm Inventory - Dropbox full - it was still able to buy more decorations than the actual storage limit from the trader, but once you bought more decorations, the exceeded decorations disappear. 
  • Ring Menu - Last seed button was not working for some event seeds
  • Build slot - ErrorCode 9 appeared when having the shorter construction booster for an instant construction
  • Horse Season - Star Cup - the trophy from the season was invisible on the trophy stand
  • Horse Ranch - Training - the same horse was displayed in the all training tabs
  • Horse Ranch - Next Harvest Display - refinery products were still displayed in the next harvest display on the right side of the game screen
  • Horse Ranch - items on the storage were not displayed and the negative value “ 0/-1”  were displayed on the production building side. 
  • Horse Ranch -  Smelter - Players building level was displayed when other players were visiting
  • Horse Ranch - Counter Challenge Horse - the competitor level 10 horse was equipped with a wrong item.  
  • Co-op Horse Meadow - Competitor XP was reset partially after breeding
  • Co-op Horse Meadow -  ErrorCode 4 appeared and horses were stuck on the Co-op meadow
  • Dialog Reduction - the reward dialog for the O-bon/Snowman event still appeared at the end of the event. 
  • Shorter Construction Time booster - the regular times were displayed after upgrading the Farmhouse/cabin, although the booster was running.

    You will be able to discuss all the latest changes HERE  !

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