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Wrong Mission Ending Time

The other day I had this mission that had the wrong ending time at one point. I closed the mission window and reopened it to fix the problem though.

ninjahuman @ au 1


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    I agree - today - 06/05/2020 - 2:11 Pm central

     Not only my missions timer is jacked my Stacker is not showing in the main farm time area, the Mission window will not let me shelve. Also note stupid Spell check in this forum is not working right either.

     As seen in the following Pictorial. Also not Stacker is down during CCGAMES and I keep getting dung and pig missions so i am sitting not playing So ruined my day so far -

    ------------------------------ Timer malfunction --------------------------------------------------

    ----------- Stacker Runs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    -------- cant shelve -----------------------

    -------------- Spell Check ---------------------------- dang -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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