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New Moderator- Out of Hiding

Hello I'm Willy BigFoot, the Worlds undisputed Hide & Seek Champion! 
I have partially come out of hiding to temporarily help out my beloved Big Farm Friends. For many many years I have enjoyed my little farms, growing our food, cooking with friends, music. I loved growing the private little world around me with my fellow secret Sasquatch co-op members then it grew and kept growing, it became a whirlwind, Tornado, HURRICANE...
Gourmet Farm, Flower Farm, Island Farm, temporary farms, a whole new VillageAVH's-Average Village Happiness,  AP's- Achievement points, CC's- Co-operative Championship, CF's- Candy Farm, CHWE- Coop Hard Worker Event,  CP's- Cooperative Points (aka SP-Solidarity Points), CV- Cooperative village, DOTM- Deal Of The Month, FL- Farmers League,  FHWE- Fishing Hard Worker Event, FXP's- Fishing Experience,  GFR- Goldfish Rescue, GML- Gold Mining License, HH- Happy Hour, HP's- Happiness Points (regular), HWE- Hard Worker Event, IF- Island Farm, LTPE- Long Term Point Event (i.e. WWC), M&M- Minerals & Metals, MB- Mermaid Bay, MF- Main Farm, ML-Master League, NPC- Non  Player Character, OA, Official Announcement, PM- Private Message / Product Manager,PP- Pleasure Park, RP's-Reputation Points (from missions), T&C- Terms & Conditions, T&T- Timber & Textiles, TP's-Training, VD- Village Dollars, VF- Village Fair, VH- Village Happiness, VHP- Village Happiness Points, VL- Village League, VLC- Village League Challenge, WoF- Wheel of Fortune, WWC- Worldwide Championship, XP's- Experience Points. Whoa Did I forget any? 

I have a huge head. I also suspect I have more muscle then Brain in there but WHOA
 that is a lot to take in...
Don't worry, worry takes the fun out of it. Most important is, there is no hurry, just relax.
You don't have to do it all at once.
You don't have to do any of it. You do want to and I think need to have fun
so I would like to help with that. 
Fun is the way I roll :-)
My Squatchy mates and I have some secret abilities.
We are not sure where we can help solve your problems and have more fun but I know we can!
Please let me know what we can do for you!
We all can slowly but surely bring the Fun back into our Huge, surprising, endlessly growing Big Farm World
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