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Update Feb 18th - Farmers fish too!

Hello Big Farmers,

All sorts of small changes are telling you that winter is slowly progressing and spring is sending its first messengers.

This February update will also carry some fresh changes, especially for your fishing region!

Easing a Fisherman’s life!

I got news from Oleg that one of his projects has finished recently. In the last couple of months, he was working on improving his fishing business. Now it’s time to show you some of those fresh features! Go down to your Fishing region and see for yourself!

  • You can create and save equipment sets for the deep sea fishing boats.
  • You can save two sets for free and can buy additional slots with gold.
  • A new equipment sets feature will be available as part of the Convenience package. If you subscribe to the Convenience package, additional slots are open.

Additionally, the tasks to unlock the Deep Sea Region will be adjusted, so that if you reach a certain farm level, you can open the Deep Sea Region by completing only a few tasks. For Farmers who have lower farm levels, you have to complete all related tasks to open the DSF region.

The new Barn dialogue is now coming to all temporary farms!

As you know, the new Barn dialogue, Farm Management, was introduced with the last update. And, now the new dialogue will also be available for all temporary farms!

Offer of the Month - Group of snowy owls

A group of owls are sitting together on a snowy tree, hooting and eyeing your farms! This deal will be appearing in the decoration tab in the build menu from March! 

Snowy Owl

Size: 3 x 3, HP:54, VHP: 4 Rating: 8


Listed below are some of the main bugs that have been fixed in this update:

  • Candy Farm (Temporary Farm) - The construction slot displayed as locked and a wrong slot was used
  • New Reward dialogue - Unable to open the dialogue in some cases
  • Edge plants - Sell dialogue does not disappear after selling products
  • Storage full dialogue - You need to click again to harvest after sending a product or an overstock to the bakery
  • Dream World - A different run time of the event appeared in the Dream World event dialogue.

Update will start on PreClient at 10:10 and then globally at ~10:45. A downtime of ~30 mins is expected.

You can discuss this update HERE

Happy farming!
Your Big Farm team

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