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Update Feb 3rd - January Magic! (In February)

Hello Big Farmers,

Did the last year go out for you with a bang? I am sure that a lot of Farmers already had a successful start into the new year, harvesting beautiful crops! And now most of you must be all excited about seeing what the new year has in store!

2020 January Update

Well, there is a new update!

Continued Graphic Makeover

Continuing from last year, our magic fairies have been busily working on your farms to slowly change things, here and there, to improve your farming life!  With this update, another Graphic Makeover will come to life! Here is what you will see after the update:
  • Fields, Gardens and Meadows will have signs that show which Humus is used for each running production.


Other changes are:

  • The progress bar when harvesting is removed
  • The Farm Management dialogue is replaced with the new Barn dialogue
  • When starting a new construction there will be a new animation (smoke) 
  • New looks for the crops of the Gourmet and Flower Farms

Welcome a new community building "Bee City" to the Family!

Now you can store your apiary in the new community building “Bee City” and save a lot of room on your flower farm for other possibilities! Your honey bees will be happy to have a spacious home to produce their honey and wax in!

Bee City

Good News for eager Farmers

We have decided to reduce pop-up windows for the in-game offers, rewards and gifts.

With this update, we will introduce a new reward dialogue box for the event rewards and gifts, combining reward pop-up windows on one page.

When you received a reward from an event, there usually was a pop-up window at the end of the event or at your next login. But from now on, reward pop-up windows will be put together in a new dialogue box, where you can get an overview of your rewards. A reward icon on the game screen will notify you once you receive something from an event. If you receive a choosable reward, then you can claim it in the new dialogue box.

Rewards and Gifts Notification

Note: A pop-up window for the event announcement is a separate feature to the reward and offer pop-up windows. Therefore, in some cases, you might see multiple pop-up windows at your login.

Some change in the tutorial stage for new Farmers

When you open some features very first time, there will be a slideshow that explain how each feature works. So new farmers can learn how to manage their farms very quickly. Those explanatory slideshows will be available for key game features such as Market Hall, Farm Management (Barn), Build Menu and so on.

Offer of the Month - Fox in the snow

A little Fox is enjoying a beautiful winter day, diving into the white snow!

If you look for a new winter-themed decoration for your snowy farms, don’t wait too long. Add this cute little Fox in the snow to your collection!

Size: 3 x 3, HP:25, Rating: 8


Listed below are some of the main bugs that have been fixed in this update:

  • Winter Monument - A wrong year is displayed on the tooltip
  • Pleasure Park Event - Park Pennies don't add up when unlocking gratuity
  • Pleasure Park Event - It is not possible to donate to the stall for over 4 hours runtime
  • Dream World - WoF - Jackpot round displays the seaweed fertilizer twice
  • Dream World - Farm Machines - It is not possible to buy tools for gold
  • Dream World - Daily Quests - Quests disappear or rest after level up
  • Swift seeder - Gourmet Farm - Special Seeds cost 0 Gold
  • Barnacle’s Ship - Horseshoe Booster - Bonus is only added after the relog
  • Schinkei Event - Settings - The event dialogue is misplaced when the medium quality for the game screen is selected
  • Quest - Show Me button - The button in the “Build a Cow Barn” does not work
  • Prime Sale for the farm expansion appears to the players who have already unlocked all expansions
  • Outline View - Harvest graphics disappear after switching between farms
  • Horse Season - Carnival Cup - A wrong text “2019” is displayed instead of 2020

Current plan is to start with PreClient at ~12:30 and Global at ~13:00. This might be subject to change depending on some pending Bugfixes. - The usual downtime of ~30mins applies.

You can discuss this update HERE

Happy farming!

Your Big Farm team

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  • The update is currently scheduled to begin at 11:00 CET.

    Expected downtime is around 30 minutes.

    Happy farming!

    Your Big Farm team

  • We did another silent hoffix that will repair the following issues:
    • Bee collecting Event no longer blocks the new reward dialog
    • Snowman Event reward popup no longer appears during loading screen
    Please reload the game please :)

    Community Guidelines | GGS TOS | How to Clear your Cache |  Click to Contact Support

    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

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