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CC countdown

The cc countdown has just started at 3.30 pm,please tell me this is a mistake. I am heartily sick of them.


  • nola1 (INT1)nola1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 188
    The cc countdown has just started at 3.30 pm,please tell me this is a mistake. I am heartily sick of them.
    nola1 @ WWW 1
  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,992
    edited 05.01.2020
    I don't mind if start time changes, as long as ALL event start times change and on a regular basis to be fair for all.  I am hoping this is the start of a new era.  Start time for this event for me will be 0130 but that is ok if we see constant change as our time will come.  The problem I do see tho is the rewards for FL will not be paid out correctly at the end, like happened on last event before Christmas, which still has not been fixed.
    Post edited by Dark Underworld (AU1) on
  • ashim (IN1)ashim (IN1) IN1 Posts: 572
    Can Mods please confirm that CC timer is correct or its a First Bug in the 2020 ?

    It can be visual issue ?

  • @ashim (IN1) Mods have no one to confirm with as it is the weekend and nobody at GGS
  • iron maiden (INT1)iron maiden (INT1) INT1 Posts: 240
    And the C-C will last only 90 hours. Nice to start later the C-C but not let it end on the normal time. Thanks GGS,Do you think you are clever to let the event less time so that we spend more gold for those boaring and useless rewards. THEN YOU ARE WRONG WRONG WRONG. Do you think ytou can squeeze the players out like a lemon?? Wrong again. Do you think the players are all mindless creatures?? Wrong again. |I make a habbit out of it to check everything,on every event. In the beginning we 100 hours of C-C. Then 96 hours of C-C and now in the new year 90 hours of C-C. Are that the good proposals from you GGS towards the players??
    You should be ashamed off yourselves. And enjoy the last holiday. Tomorrow will be a busy day to respond to all the complains gathered and mounted up during these days. After all we all are in a digital 24/7 world today. Only not the service of GGS. You can buy heaps of gold. But for a recvlaim or awnser we have our office hours to your disposal. And that for a world wide company. When Ali express or amazon would run their business like you stum,pers do. They would be out of business long long time ago

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