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graphic nightmare

Look if GGS don't give us a way to switch off the stupid graphics when we plant fields etc then myself & probably others too will have to stop playing. I have epilepsy & bad eyes & this stupid nonsense is making my eyes hurt & means my epilepsy could easily be triggered. Sort out a way to switch it off or remove it completely. It isn't necessary to the game & does nothing to improve an already compromised gaming experience with all the bugs & glitches still waiting to be fixed.


  • luvs2wolf64 (US1)luvs2wolf64 (US1) US1 Posts: 170
    I also have bad eyes, and in fact can only see out of one at this point. I have actually gotten headaches within an hour of logging in, every day since the update. These were graphics triggered migraines, which kept coming back as soon as I would take a break for several hours and then log back in. I just tried to ignore it and went on playing. Meanwhile, getting sick from graphics isn't something I can or should continue to do. As much as I want to play, I, too, will have to stop playing if we are not given the option of turning them off.
    luvs2wolf64 @ us 1
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    i will have no choice but to find a different game if they dont change this. even if back to the fog crap.at least that i could play with. this is so much worse.it is making me want to physically throw up. i suffer from chronic dizziness and headaches and this is making me really sick.for me personally it has nothing to do with whether or not i like the looks or not. i am physically having trouble playing. i play anywhere from 4 to 16 hour a day because i am on disability and have trouble doing anything other then being in bed. but there is no way i am going to be able to do that if it stays like this. i think i have been on 4 hours and my eyes are hurting so bad and i am so sick.i am trying really hard to help my coop get 5th but am really struggling trying to replant. please fix this.
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    @WascallyWabbit here is were i posted.
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