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Update Dec 11th - Seek your Fortune with the 2019 Final Update!

Greetings Big Farmers,

How are your preparations for the Holiday Season coming along? Are you enjoying every minute of it? This is the time of the year that everyone wants to enjoy as much as they can. So, we want to add to that festive spirit even more. There is another update coming TODAY that also leads you into the new year!

A guide to your future in 2020 - ask the Big Farm fortune teller!

2019, an exciting year, is coming to an end. We all have our hopes for the new year and I hope 2020 will be really exciting for all of us - Perhaps many of us wished they could get a peek into the future. Well, a Fortune teller is coming to your farm! 

For a price, she will gaze into her crystal ball to divine your future and will give you something that might point at what the future has in store for you! As you pay the fortune teller she will return to you valuable rewards!

Graphic Makeover continues

While we had updated some game graphics with the last updates, our graphic makeover continues to improve your farming experience. With this update, another makeover, changing many of the game animations. You will see the following changes:

  • Pellet drops
    With this update, a new animation of how the pellets/items drop on your harvest will be introduced. Also, same types of pellets have been combined into one to prevent multiple pellets from popping up on the game screen at the same time. The number of pellets that are dropped will be displayed below the image of each pellet.

Other changes are:

  • Production start
  • Level up dialogue 
  • Gold and XP bars 
  • New icon images in the build shop

Offer of the Month - Great caterpillar

This month, a decoration, Great caterpillar, will be offered -  A character from the well-known tale, Alice in Wonderland, will be appearing on your farm!  - Catch it before it turns into a beautiful butterfly! 

Size: 4x4  -  HP=59  -  VHP=11  -  Rating: 7


Listed below are some of the main bugs that have been fixed in this update:

  • Co-op Tournament/Co-op HEW - Wrong booster display when opening the dialogue
  • Co-op Tournament, Monument - Reward dialogues popping up again after relog
  • Co-op Research - Error occurring when low-level accounts hiring researchers
  • Goldfish rescue - Activity reward dialogue misplaced on the game screen
  • Goldfish rescue - Reward booster triggered while being offline
  • Goldfish trader - WoF, Construction tokens and Seaweed Humus - Buy button greyed out before reaching the buyable limit
  • Prime Sale for the farm expansion - Sale tooltip misplaced
  • Layout mode - Ready-to-Harvest graphic not displayed after using the outline view
  • 5-year anniversary decoration - the image on the decoration not correctly displayed after rotating
  • Speedy grower - Error occurring when using Specialists
  • Speedy grower - Gold lock not working when clicked too quickly
  • Speedy grower - Not enough dialogue popping up when using it on the Main/Gourmet Farms
  • Dream World - Barn - Dream World background missing when opening the barn dialogue
  • Dream World - Barn - Error occurring when opening the barn dialogue
  • Dream World  - Some players experiencing some login issues when going to the DW
  • Dream World - Gold production buildings - Wrong currency displayed in the ring menu
  • Dream World - Production buildings - Regular XPs displayed in the info dialogue
  • Village Fair - Search Bar in the member ranking not working
  • Special Offer Shop - The offer dialogue not popping up when using the full-screen mode
  • Northern Lights Farm - Wrong text displayed in the info dialogue of the themed box

You can discuss this update HERE

Merry Christmas & Happy farming!
Your BF Team
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