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  • IAmRoman (US1)IAmRoman (US1) US1 Posts: 2,779
    oh no...  :(

    designed by Michiru (GB1) updated by farmerjohn 22 (US1)
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  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 36,174
    edited 10.08.2022
    Ha ha ha Sooner than later, I knew they would add more advertising space and look at the top of the screen now! A new ad spot!! You watch soon they will have all sides top and bottom filled with ad spots!!
     The ship has hit an iceberg and is taking on water!!
    @Data King (US1) Have to agree with you, DK. This plastering of ads all over the playing area is just plain ridiculous. I guess they think we will find it annoying enough to buy gold to stop the ads, but I believe it will drive gold buyers and non-gold buyers alike to quit the game entirely. Threads like this one show negative feedback to the ads and we need to show our displeasure. In the past we've actually were able to have them change course with negative feedback.  ;)
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  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,936
    I agree farmerjohn!!

    This post here shows almost exactly 1 year ago that some ads were removed due to complaints about them  :)

    And you're right too about players leaving. Someone I know on the game said she buys gold to keep ads away because she does not like ad-blocker. The last time she purchased, the ads were supposed to be gone for 60 days, but 30 days later the ads returned. Due to feeling cheated, not only is she no longer buying gold, but she is no longer playing.  :'(
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 36,174
    Good news! Rosy just announced in another thread that the extra ads were a mistake and will be fixed shortly. 😊
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,974
    Good news! Rosy just announced in another thread that the extra ads were a mistake and will be fixed shortly. 😊
     :D Ha ha ha "Mistake" yea Right?!! I doubt that will happen any time soon - they make more money from the more ads shown to as many as possible.  :open_mouth:
     They'll keep shrinking the game area display until we have a little 4 inch x 4 inch area to try and play in. By their tenth year most won't be able to play any more due to the small playing area to work within.  :/ Or they will announce a new fee to play on a full page size play area!! ;)

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