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Suggestion re Coop Rewards for Top Positions in a CC

I suggest you look at new rewards for (e.g) top 10 coop positions in a CC.

1. The rewards - taking into consideration time and effort as well as gold spent (for many) - is not of high value.
2. Members of top coops have an abundance of the same thing that you just win time and time again. Make it exciting! Bring in something new. Be bold. Extend the range and amount of rewards to make it worth the effort.
3. The rewards in the lower leagues are really not great. Look at the rewards for 10th position in Rookie League: 3 tokens, 250 coop points and a Rookie League trophy. Come on! Who will be motivated to put effort into that? These are the people to "win over" for the game in future.

You (GGS) surprise us many times with failures. (Actually not. We have become accustomed to that) Let's forget about that for now.
Come and SURPRISE us with a bold positive move!
What do you say?
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