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Missing Rewards Village Fair ending 13 November Version 2

Seeing that the people responsible for yet another mess (which will again be repeated this coming weekend - who wants to bet on it?) are hiding behind...

"...unfortunately, we are not able to grant reward items depending on your Co-op due to some technical limitations we have.."

please tell us when YOUR technical limitations - created by yourself, not us, the players - will be sorted out to stop this endless, tragic and painful tribulations we are subjected to.

If you did not know and once more went home before you sorted out your mess, there's quite a lot of us who DID NOT receive our prizes yet, NEITHER any so-called compensation rewards.

If there's no adequate response, I will start version 3 tomorrow. Let's see how may versions there would be. If it would be more convenient for you to my writing in German, I am surely capable to do so. I can also write like a toddler. You pick which you will understand better.

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