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The Firm (GB1) is looking for new members!

The Firm (GB1 server, UK) is looking for active daily players level 30+. We are a happy and active coop, one of the top three coops in the UK server. Because of that, our members have access to hard-to-get-otherwise items. Moreover, all the benefits are maxed out, as all our research is complete.

For newbies, we have a network of helpful players that can aid new players if so desired.

The only condition is to be an active team player. Otherwise, we respect the farming ways everybody wants to enjoy: we have open, chatty players, and shy and quiet ones.

- Must be over level 30.
- Must be an active daily player: no red dots.
- We believe in teamwork: everybody should collaborate and contribute in all coop activities. Everybody gets the rewards so everybody should chip in: no zero or low scores (player levels taken into account).
- We have some bare minimum donations required depending on level, which can be fully payed with a portion of the research benefits if you are a daily player.

If you are interested in joining us permanently or temporarily, please send me an e-mail in game or in the forum. We have multiple spots opened so conjoint applications or small coop mergers are a possibility.

Happy farming!
Would you like to start a farm on the GB server? Click here: multiple daily rewards await you!
A great farming guide maintained by a player:
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