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Forum Contest - "Hero or Zero!"

Summer is coming to a close, harvests are being, err .... harvested,
it is a lucrative time of year for our farming friends,
so lets see if you can get some gold out of them! :)

We have 9 volunteers for a game of "Hero or Zero!"

8 of the above characters have 500 gold each - The Heroes  :)
One unlucky character has 0 gold - The Zero    :/

Can you name the 8 heroes before you name the zero?

Its as simple as that, just post a list of their names, in whatever order you choose,
naming the one that you think is the zero last.

You will score 500 for each hero that you name before you name the zero &
the 5, or more, winners will be the highest scorers & will win their score in gold!
So you could win up to 4000 gold, depending how well you do.

Contest will close at 10am CEST on Wednesday October 2nd

Post your entry on this thread
One entry per person
Any entry edited after the closing time will be disqualified

Good luck all, have fun!

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