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Trying to clean the lake, I made the news!!!!

SO TOTALLY not game related. 

Every summer I make my way to Lake Michigan to snorkel.  Been finding more and more golf balls out there every year.  This year is the worst I ever saw.  I cannot get help from my ELECTED state rep or local authorities.  So... I finally got a youtube video up then started contacting news outlets.
Well FOX17 called me almost immediately and wanted an interview.  People have no clue what's under the water.  And this is not just a local problem.  It's world wide.

Here is the youtube video I put together.

The link to the news story is in the description.

And a really good video of that 15 year old in CA is here.

We all need to take better care of the planet.  And this???? There is NO excuse at all. Every ball down there represents ONE swing by ONE selfish individual.

Spread the word.

See what I do when not playing silly games.
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