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Update July 1st - Summer Fun has just begun!

Howdy farmers,

Sometimes not much changes on the farm and then all the changes come at once, eh? A lot of the farmers are off on vacation but just as I was about to hang up my boots for a well-earned break along comes another of those changes! What is it? Not too much, so don’t worry. We have a few things that will crop up during the month but here is just the first:

Omar’s new critter arriving in July 

Omar down at the Junction has a lovely new balloon just for you: Larry the Lemur! Good ol’ Omar is quite excited and said that he’ll be offering this sweet balloon decoration as a part of his deals in July! He just won’t stop clamouring on about it. I’m hoping he’ll stop once some of the local farmers add it to their balloon decoration family!

Larry the Lemur

It’s time again for some of Farmer George’s wisdom, Remember farmers, keep on drinkin’ some water when you are working on your farm in this hot weather! 

Happy Farming!
Your Community Team

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