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Missing fishing areas

Hi there

Now allmost ALL of my customers wants to have between 300 - 800 shrimps and 2-300 clams (dont know if the name is correct), and for 4 days now I have had 1 area pr day with 32 shrimps and the similar to clams. What is the meaning of this. You cannot have ALL customers to claim the same products and at the same time don´t allow me to catch just a minimum pr day. 
The team should look into this and get it right.

btw: If you hear about a shrimp fisher that can only get 38 shrimp in a 2 hours catch, fire him.  


  • harvestmoonn (INT1)harvestmoonn (INT1) Posts: 849INT1
    edited 22.05.2019
    its normal thats issue of contract its ask for fish you got lesses so if you save them and never sell or do its contract and its storage are bigger than other fish the chance you get them as contract is lesses GGS trying to annoy us in any possible way

    sadly im on bonus 61 and my contract list full of thos BS order and if i decline i lose some need to ressist decline for 38 more contract ...
  • DebRN (US1)DebRN (US1) Posts: 428US1
    I just decline all that I can't fill easily. I don't care what the number is in the corner.  I'm not going to hold up $5 million when I could easily do 3x $3 million contracts. The same w/ the organic market.  It doesn't make sense to hold up a contract for a week when you could do many more of a lower level. Now I will hold onto single requests of milk, pigs, eggs so I have them available for mission overflow, etc.  I almost never sell a product outright, only through the market for the bonus.  I'm not in a rush about racing to the top.

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