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The Kindness Challenge

little cate (US1)little cate (US1) Posts: 2,315US1
edited 11.05.2019 in The Chicken Coop
Hey guys!
I have been gone so long and so I decided to post a post!
So, I am starting a challenge called "The Kindness Challenge!"
Try and spread some kindness every day! There are many simple and easy ways to do this!!! Kindness is free and we need to spread it everywhere!!!

Examples are: Open the door for someone, Tell someone a compliment, Help an elderly person, Take someones grocery cart for them ect. So try some of these examples and there are many other ways! Have fun!
Post below to show your participation in spreading kindness!
By the way share what act of kindness you did! Always looking for more ways to spread some kindness! Let's do this!!! By the way kindness means to everyone!! Enemy, best friends, family members, strangers, co-workers, employees!! Have fun doing this challenge!
By the way there is no end date so do this forever and ever!!!  :)


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