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Updates Apr 25th & Apr 30th - A Circus, a Subscription, a Pleasure Park & a Buzz!

Hello there Farmers,

We hope you have been enjoying our additions to the game made in our last update and also ate lots of Easter chocolate. The month is coming to an end and that means, a new update ahead, in fact 2 updates, the 1st will be today and is ONLY for the Village Fair WoF & for Bugfixes (see below) everything else will come on the 2nd update next week, which we do not yet have an exact date for on April 30th

The Circus Caravan is arriving in town

The Horse Season is coming to its third iteration, and with that a new theme follow along. This time we will be greeting the funny and artistic folks from the Circus. They packed heavy with their costumes, face paints and magic tricks but did not forget about the great rewards, which will be offered during the event, including the circus show decoration and the stylish new avatars.

Gold Platinum League Reward: Size: 5 x 5 / HP: 45 / VHP: 45
Diamond League Reward: Size: 5 x 5 / HP: 60 / VHP: 60

The colourful new avatars that can be earned during the event!

New Subscription Package

In our next update, we will be also adding a new and even more powerful subscription package which will add, along with other bonus, 

more gold on purchases, new library books and reduction of costs in the Wheel of Fortune. (More details coming soon)

Welcome to the Pleasure Park!

It is time to dust off those stored decorations because now they have a new purpose! The Pleasure Park event is here and we can’t wait to see how you will decorate and manage it. Here are a few of the main functionalities of the event:

This is a basic roadmap of how the event works, which is followed by a more detailed explanation of each step.

In the Pleasure Park event your main goal is to attract visitors to spend pennies in your decoration valley. To get visitors into your valley, firstly you should place decorations and available stalls and keep maintaining them. As you earn pennies, Hard Work rewards will be unlocked and added to your account as you reach the required amount of pennies. At the end of the event, rank rewards will be given to the first 500 players according to your position and rank tier.


To get the Pleasure Park going you will firstly need to (1) prepare your stall by donating the (2) required products, which can be obtained from your other farms (Donated goods will be compensated with farm dollars). Each Stall has its own (3) income in pennies that can be earned per visitor per second and the income amount can be increased with (4) gratuities (bonuses) which you get after fulfilling the required tasks.

On the top of the event's screen there is (5) the amount of pennies you are earning per visitor per second and (6) your total amount of park pennies. Finally (7) at the bottom right, you have the total amount of visitors your park has.

Preparing Stalls

In order to prepare your stall, you have to (1) donate the required products by selecting the amount using the slider and then clicking on the donate button (This donation will also grant you farm dollars). As you donate products the (2) timer is adjusted accordingly. This timer indicates the amount of minutes/hours that that stall will stay in your park, generating income. After this time is finished, the stall disappears.

While preparing the stall, you are still able to close the dialogue screen in case you want to gather some more resources before placing the stall. The action is only finalized after you place the stall in the valley. Once placed, you will only be able to add more time to the stall by buying time with gold.

When all is set, you can click on the (3) Place stall button, to put it somewhere in your park. This works the same as positioning any other buildings by using the layout mode. You can also cancel the placement (before you drop the stall) by using the cancel button (red circle button) in the layout mode menu.

If you want to send the stall back into the Stall selection area, then click on (4) the Trash can button. (You need to donate enough for the minimum amount of time, before buttons 3 & 4 light up)
Caution: Any products, already donated to the stall, will be lost if you use the Trash button, although, you do still keep the farm dollars earned from the donation.

Village Fair Wheel of Fortune (Update Apr 25th)

In this update we will make an adjustment in the Village Fair Wheel of Fortune Event. With this update, we will add a convenience button that allows you to spin automatically the rest of required spins until reaching the jackpot round. Along with that, some of the rewards for the normal/jackpot rounds will be replaced with new ones like challenge points! So you have now a chance to gain challenge points by spinning the wheel. The village fair WoF will appear from time to time over this weekend while the village is running!

And we will also add one more convenient feature to the organic market. As you fill each contract, you can distribute all asked products just by clicking the new "Max. amount" button. So if you have enough farm products stored, then you just hit the button and can complete the contract.

Deal of the Month - May 2019

Buzz-buzz! For this month’s deal, we will be offering this very cute decoration of the bee balloon! It is too cute to let it fly away.

Size: 2x2 - HP: 10 - VHP: 9 - Q7

  • Bugfixes (Update April 25th)

    • Gold Confirmation - Fixed an issue where no confirmation message was being shown when buying appearance

    • Gold Confirmation - Fixed an issue where the wrong amount of gold was being displayed when skipping productions in the Co-op Village

    • Gold Confirmation - Fixed an issue where no confirmation was being given when purchasing Mystery Boxes

    • Village Fair - Fixed an issue where league graphics were missing at the end screen of event

    • Village Fair - Fixed an issue where the wrong percentage was displayed in the member performance ranking

    • Village Fair - Fixed an issue where when clicking on “info” button would redirect to wrong dialog screen

    • Village Fair - Fixed an issue where chat activity was displayed empty when starting a challenge

    • Village Fair - Fixed an issue where activity rewards were not being updated correctly in the "member ranking"

    • Village Fair HTML - Fixed an issue where the limit lines were misplaced in the dialogue showed at the end of challenge

    • Turbo Harvester - Fixed an issue where the amount of edge plants to be harvested was being displayed wrong

    • Deco Tower - Fixed an issue where the Easter gift "Bunny Hayday" was not being added to the deco tower after being placed in the farm

    • Choosable Rewards - Fixed an issue where the dialogue window was being displayed twice if the One-Time Slot was unlocked

    • Tiered Prime Day - Fixed an issue where the wrong bonus percentage was being displayed

    • Tiered Prime Day - Fixed an issue where empty pages where being displayed in the smallest packages' page if player already unlocked biggest packages

    • Production Dialog in Bakery - Fixed an issue where text/numbers were overlapping graphic icons

As usual, thank you for your attention and you can discuss this update HERE

Happy farming!
Your Big Farm team

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