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Farmers First Looking for new members 100 and above

Are you level 100 or above and looking for a coop?  Why choose Farmers First?  Reasons for joining.

1.      We have a secret weapon, our coop leader Crazybigfarm55.  She is smart, helpful, no drama, runs a webpage for all players in the game to access for helpful information.  Is recognized by the game and her peers for her knowledge and helpfulness. 

2.      We are ranked #13 level 395

3.      We are in the top ten gold in cc

4.      Members are friendly, supportive, active, stress-free

5.      All research is completed, easier to grow your farm/earn reward

6.      Donations welcomed & needed but no gold required

7.      Grown you farm your way but if you have questions someone is always willing to help out.

8.      REQUIRED:  active participation in CC/CHWE, water trees daily, help with coop projects and challenges.

9.      Notify leader/deputies if you might go red for

10.  Openings on a 1st come basis.

synergylw @ us 1

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