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QuailRidge Hill Co Op is looking for players

QuailRidge Hill is a small Co Op currently 12 members , Not sure what happened but our owner has not been on since the October fest , Anyhow I was made the Co Op Leader by apparently the game owners since the Co Op owner has not been active for about 2 months now . I am trying to keep the Co Op up and running and am looking for more than the 5 remaining players that play . If interested check us out 


  • QuailRidge Hill Co Op is looking forMore Active players
    Hello I am Art (AJHIII) the current leader of the QuailRidge Hill Co Op .
    Our owner & her mom who ran our Co Op disappearded back durring the October Fest so I was made Co Op Leader as I was the highest ranking player . We are Level 43 Rank 110 and looking for active players , would you be interested in joining /combining Co Ops . Currenty we have 4-5 players that play regularly but looking for more active players Level 20 or higher only ! I am finding any below that RED LIGHT within a week so I will not accept anyone below level 20 anymore ! 
    QuailRidge Hill Co Op Description & info  = Just Relax!! This Co-op formed to get away from drama and the forced competition of the large co-ops.( Level 20 or higher only.) Play according to your schedule   Donate collectibles and dollars for co-op projects and research. MUST participate in co-op events, projects, research and DO NOT let that light go Red or you will be Kicked Out !!
    Level 43 Rank 110 
    Village Dollars $9,970,890
    Gold $49,270
    Dollars $62,594,688
    So Come Join us and play as a team together...
     Art (AJHIII)
    1. Hello to QuailRidge Hill Co Op I am Gilda Maxine, I prefer Maxine, 70 years old and an active player on this site and FB for the last 10 years. I have joined 3 co ops on this site, as this one will be the 3rd. I am a faithful player, meaning to my group, so that all the dividends from play can be enjoyed by the group. I was torn between starting a new co op or joining a good one, so this is the result--an application to yours!
    2. What ever else I am, I am a worker, in real life that is my mantra--if a man don't work, he won't eat! Well I mean this "be real and play the game or not." If not then let someone else who will play in your spot...
    3. Peace and love to all my new friends and neighbors.

  • Maxine
     Not sure how to get you to the Co Op But would welcome you at QuailRidge Hill Co op 

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