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What is going on with championship personal boosters???

Why is the personal championship boosters locked???


  • @isha879_2 (US1)

    We have received a few complaints about that.
    The solution that worked in all cases so far was to restart your game.
    If that does not work for you, restart your router and then reconnect.
  • I have done both unfortunately. It says that I can't use them because I joined a cooperative after the championship which isn't right because this is my co-op. lol It was doing it yesterday then I used it this morning and when I went back into it to buy a new one it started doing it again.
  • The only other solution would be to clear cookies and cache. 
    I left this suggestion for last because I know people roll their eyes when they get asked to do it   :D
    BUT .... 
    it should do the trick.

  • Okay I can give a go thank you
  • Okay I can give a go thank you
    I am going through the same BS. I clear everything before logging on, I can access personal booster at that time. 5 min. later they are locked. I refuse to clear cache, history, cookies, restart every 5 min., so have not bought any boosters.

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