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Santa´s workshop



  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    Southern (US1)  :smiley: Thank you! hehe I am no puter wizzard and not knowing that proves it. I had no idea, but am very grateful for your help! Biiiiiig thank you! :smiley:

    Cheers :smile:
  • aquilawolf (US1)aquilawolf (US1) US1 Posts: 104
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    We have all lost a lot of gold on this event Santa's workshop  just for clicking it to get the exclamations gone  after refreshing  or log off and come back a few mins later  I am in and out all day long and refresh often due to game glitches  cant count how many times I did that but each time it took 240 gold for just removing the exclamations !! yesterday I was in and out of it a lot doing missions and donating to get a higher deco I would donate some then play some then donate some who knows how many times I did that and had no idea it took 240 gold from me each time I went to level 9 yesterday soo donated a lot  and a lot of In and out of the event slowly moving it up to 9
    I have  lost an unknown amount  5k < im just trying to guess here didnt mean for it to say 30 that was a oops over the last 5 days because I donated for higher decos 2 -level 8's  and 1 level 9 and in and out of the event not all at once and I have the sounds and music turned off so never knew everytime you click it at all 240 gold disappears 
    how many times does a player open the event in just 1 day
    logged on clicked event got rid of exclamations cost 240 gold each time I never actually hit the log out button unless it is by accident I always just close the browser
    had to refresh because something wont harvest or plant while in missions clicked event to get rid of exclamations every time and cost 240 gold each time and many times a day
    checked the event to see if timer was done from yesterdays spin cost 240 more gold each look several times did that one
    clicked the event just contemplating how much I will donate to it and how high I will go this time cost 240 each time

    started donating still playing missions and contemplating how much of how many different items in the lists to donate some or look at items on donate list again several times per day costs 240 gold each time < I tried @WascallyWabbit suggestion and started donating to it again and it seems ok  didn't take more gold yet once I started adding donating but yesterday and prior days it took gold everytime I just looked at it or removed the exclamations         Thanks Wabbit    I will have to walk away for a little bit close browser will have to see what happens when I come back  as I have started donating to it again  im watching it a lot closely now

    it would not except my trawlers and skipjacks as payment even though it said I could so back and forth several times for that said I didn't have enough so went back and looked at inventory yes I had the boats tried again several times 
    I have clicked the event 100s of times over the past 5 days and the event covers the top of the screen so didn't even see the gold disappear sound is off didn't hear it  just 4 clicks is nearly 1k gold and didnt show up in the several shopping bags during champs either then last night another player says why cant I spin the wheel this player is out of gold I say did you check timer maybe you are trying to spin it befor the 24 hours is up he said no no timer just wont let me spin so I say standard answer make sure cache is cleared  refresh game restart computer then see still no spin so I say I will check forums tomorrow to see if there is a problem all the while still oblivious that it was the wheel taking my gold messaged player dont touch wheel it is broken I have clicked it several times today as I have loged in and out of the game several times already today and forgot since reading this post that it was taking gold for making exclamations go away clicking events in the field is just something I do every time I come back on or refresh to make all the exclamations go away
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  • kris61 (US1)kris61 (US1) US1 Posts: 43
    I noticed  1000 of my gold missing and I didn't know why.  Then the next day for the free spin I was donating lucky coins which is what I have been using (1052) and was about to add more and before I blew out the candle I noticed it took it from my gold. Last night I went on to do the free spin thinking I would see what else I could donate and it took 200 more just for looking. I'm pissed!!!!!!!!! I hope they refund because I don't like to buy or use gold that much. I'm not even going on it anymore.
  • MRG is correct, it is around 250 (240 to be exact) - What appears to be happening is that as the amount of gold needed to wake up Santa, gets less & less, it is sometimes getting stuck on 240 & it is still on 240 when the timer expires, instead of being on 0.

    If you do not have 240 gold, you see the screen shown below, when you open the event & if you click it you get told to buy gold.

    If you do have 240+ gold, it switches to the other screen (the donation one) but takes the 240 gold when it does so.

    It does not appear to be affecting everyone, nor is it happening everyday, but the team are aware of it & it will be sorted out when they return

    In the meantime, if anyone figures out a way to unstick it & make the gold drop to 0 , please post your findings, we have tried all the usual things without any luck. Has anyone tried clicking through the number tabs from 9 back to 2? -  maybe that will give it a kick. :)
    Tried everything nothing works it as been like this for 3 days now not able to use it. They knew it was happening at the start of the cc as that is when it broke, so why wasn't it sorted then, they had plenty of time to fix it before going off for Christmas, if it was the cc broken and they where losing money i bet it would have been fixed before going off.
    I am not in any co-op, but when I mentioned that I lost gold from the Santa Workshop on US-1, it seems that I was thought to be crazy, but I guess I wasn't at all aye. I doubt very much that they will Refund the Gold that was taken.
    I would like to see how they will return it as well because unless you have screen shot of what you have lost there is no proof of it, also if you did not notice this was happening then how do you and ggs know how much you lost, They dont seem to have records of any other losses when reported they just go by screen shots which is what i find very strange about this game because other games have records of all there players so they know if there as been a loss and how much, cant see them taking just players words for it.
    @uksharon (GB1) It only started to happen when the event was restarted after the update & we did not hear about it until after the team had left on Friday, it has been logged as a bug, but there is nothing that anyone can do until they come back. As for their records, they do not track every single item in the game, but gold and other currencies are tracked, so I can't see that it would be difficult to see all the 240's spent.

    @aquilawolf (US1) @kris61 (US1) The bug appears to be with the gold countdown back to 0, it is getting stuck on 240 (see the screenshot above) so when you open the event for the 1st time each day after the countdown has expired, it is charging the 240 to go to the donation screen. But once you are on that screen, it should not matter how many times you open & close the event, because the timer does not start again until after you get a deco for that day. I tested  - The event restarted on the 20th, so the 1st timer would expire on the 21st, if you have played everyday, you could have lost 240 x7, but, as I said above, they will be able to see the gold that was spent & where it went, so it should not be a problem to sort it out.

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  • Piwi (US1)Piwi (US1) US1 Posts: 28
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    Adding my name and 1440 missing gold to the list of those wishing compensation. Took me a while to figure out where my gold kept disappearing to
     Pretty crappy if they ask for a screen shot because they had my gold out so fast I never had time !
    The last 240 disappeared just by opening it up!!!!!!

  • aquilawolf (US1)aquilawolf (US1) US1 Posts: 104
    it seems to do it every time I just click the event
  • grrr (NL1)grrr (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    I know for sure it happened to me twice in one day as well, the first time in the morning when clicking on it by accident, the second time in the evening when I was actually meaning to donate some stuff.
    Needless to say I've stayed well clear of it since then!
  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 594
    It's a different country, sleepy owl, and the company completely shuts down for the holidays.
    Must be nice.
  • stef7 (US1)stef7 (US1) US1 Posts: 460
    Wabbit I have more than one in my coop that gold has been taken from do I tell them to send in support ticket or contact you or post here????

    How do they get on the list of being effected by stealing santa?
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]stef7 @ us 1
  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268
    Wabbit I have more than one in my coop that gold has been taken from do I tell them to send in support ticket or contact you or post here????

    How do they get on the list of being effected by stealing santa?
    I'd hold off until after GGS gets back in the office and they let us know what they want us to do.. Most likely it'll be a server-wide thing, so individual tickets probably won't be necessary and will just bog down the system. :)

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  • aquilawolf (US1)aquilawolf (US1) US1 Posts: 104
    it does not seem to be taking any gold from me today have to see about tomorrow  I finished donating and spun
  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,554
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    Just wondering if GG's targets for Gold usage are in the green now that year-end totals of gold-usage have spiked from this event.  Unfortunately for GG though, next year's Gold sales are likely to spike heavily downwards.
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  • Debi1214 (US1)Debi1214 (US1) US1 Posts: 35
    Just wondering if GG's targets for Gold usage are in the green now that year-end totals of gold-usage have spiked from this event.  Unfortunately for GG though, next year's Gold sales are likely to spike heavily downwards.
    I think it's going to lose more then just gold if they don't fix this in some fair manner. I know personally I will probably stop playing. To many other games out there, just as fun.
  • me it only took gold away from twice but those times i realised it because i was looking, i can't imagine how much gold it took on other occasions.
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    *grrrr* By mistake I clicked Santas Workshop ikon instead of the neighbour ikon I meant to click and ..... lost gold yet again! :disappointed: The ikons are so close/on top of eachother in second row it´s hard to not miss. I have lost so much gold now that I am experiencing a serious set-back. Both in game play and will to continue playing BF. Sure want and need my lost gold back to restore my belief in BF/GGS crew and will to continue playing!

    I was watching the video of the GGS crew and read what they wrote about everything being fantastic at BF 2018 and wondered if they really believe what they wrote. If so they need a serious reality check. Or was it a sales pitch they greeted us with, not really addressed to us, but in pretence to other non players of our community? In hope to lure them to join. 2018 was not a fantastic year here at BF in any way.

  • Mouseslb (US1)Mouseslb (US1) US1 Posts: 62
    Santa's workshop stole about 500 gold .I didn't even click on it a poof money gone .This happened 2times and it seemed like it was about 250 gold each time. Happened so fast didn't clue in till I saw my gold go down!!
    FarmerHoneybowm @ us 1
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,800
    I lost gold 4 times at 250 a pop, just for opening it up to see if I even had a spin there, I did not use any gold what so ever to wake Santa, I just would do the free spin when it showed up, but to take someone's gold just for opening it to see if you do have the spin ready, is really low down, I am Due 1k gold back, so I do hope that they give it back to Me, otherwise I won't be a happy player, especially since it took Me forever to get the gold I have been saving.

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,800
    I am missing 1k gold just for trying to see if the spin was ready, that should not of happened, I had the sound off so I did not hear the Kaching sound, the last time I went to check the spin I put the sound on and sure enough, just to click on the Santa shop only to see if the spin is ready it takes your gold, what a rip off, It took Me forever to get that gold, now I am 1k short, I am so not happy, I know I wont bother with this Santa Shop Ever again. I want My gold back though that was taken without My consent.

  • i have not counted my gold loss specifically but i've participated avidly everyday the whole event so if the reports are true and the problem started on the 21 i should have lost around 1500 gold.
  • JamieFraser (US1)JamieFraser (US1) US1 Posts: 96
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    Count me in on the stolen gold as well. I'd been participating daily all along, noticed a few days ago that gold was goin' AWOL, but was traveling all over for the holidays. Finally able to get to the forum and see what was goin' on and lo' and behold, Santa's a thief! I've never filed a 'ticket' so I'll go rooting around to see how to do that. 
    Thing is, we have 2 accounts in the house. My main account where I'm coop leader, and my niece's account within the same coop. And we've lost at least a weeks worth of gold in BOTH of them!! 
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  • First thing, is you will want to get rid of 2nd account before GGS bans them both, it is against the rules to have more than 1 account on a server.  Now you have said it on forum they will probably track you down.  I would hold off on getting ticket for now and wait for more info from Mods on what is going to happen as if everyone gets a ticket it will cause huge delays.
  • First thing, is you will want to get rid of 2nd account before GGS bans them both, it is against the rules to have more than 1 account on a server.  .
    Actually it's my niece's, who wanted to join my coop. She's helping me figure out why folks tend to drop off around level 30 or so. It's been a great way for us to have fun together while she's away at school. Hope that's ok? I fixed my post to clarify that. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Just Kar (US1)Just Kar (US1) US1 Posts: 340
    I was hoping the maintenance would have fixed Santa's Workshop, but no, I checked and more gold stole from me.

    Go figure, who else would think up an event and use Santa Claus to steal the gold!
  • Santa's Workshop is broken.  It's stealing gold with every 'free spin'.  It's been over a week now, what's happening?
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