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Info Blast! - The Day in Review (Dec 6th)

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Hi all,

Today was an eventful day! We had an update, some hotfixes and a couple of issues with compensation. We would like to keep you informed about what's going on, and though we don't have answers or solutions to everything right now we will provide a list of the issues we are aware of and any solutions or information that we do have.

- Oktoberfest Compensation (BG|FR|PL)
We are aware some rewards were reported missing for those on the above mentioned servers. We are checking into those reports to see what information we can gather and will see exactly what can be done to resolve outstanding reward issues. All other players should have these rewards from the previous event that did not end correctly.

- Acrobatic kite changes
We performed most of the changes for acrobatic kites today but had reports that some did not get their new kites. A little later many had the kites after a delay, but we still have reports that some kites are missing. We have already compiled a list of those affected and will spend tomorrow and next week defining how we will deal with it. You WILL get your kites as we described them and this will likely happen with our next update, which is currently planned for roughly midway through December. Please also bear in mind that if you upgraded your kite with the Landscape Designer in the past, you were provided with decoration parts equal to the amount required to reach the Happiness level you had on your kite/s.

- Handbook/booster display problems
We had some issues with handbooks and reports came in that bonuses had reverted back to their state before we made improvements. This is a DISPLAY ISSUE ONLY and has already been repaired. Refresh your browsers, clear your cache and you should see your harvests return to their correct and intended amounts.

- Ranking issues in the Co-operative Championship (BR)
We have reports of the rankings in this event continuing form where they left off, as well as activity rewards not being given correctly. There is not much we are able to do about the issue this evening but will be sure to see why this happened and what we can do to resolve it for all affected.

- Subscription dialogue + button
Some users reported seeing a dialogue telling them they had purchased a subscription pack after the update and on subsequent logins. This was a small error, there is no ill effect from it and nothing has been added to your account that you didn't ask for. We will repair this display issue and apologies for any confusion caused. There are also a few reports of some players who wanted to purchase subscriptions but can't because of the new button not working for them. We know about that problem too and are looking into it for you so that those who wish to buy can do so.

- Support from problems
There are currently issues for some in using the support form to submit tickets. If you have an error and cannot submit a ticket, please try closing the support form and entering the game, then using the support button in-game as this seems to be working correctly.

We are covering as much as we possibly can as quickly as we possibly can. If anything was missed or not mentioned already, feel free to inform us about additional issues you have encountered/ Please bear in mind, the Community Team is looking into wider issues, if your problem is unique to you or your account then our support team can assist in individual cases. Please also remember that at times like this the support team can have a lot of tickets to deal with, We apologise for any delays and are working hard to deal with as many problems as we can, within the support team, the game team and the community alike. Your patience, diligence and passion is greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone,

Your Big Farm Team

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