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Update Dec 6th - Kites, Skins, Horses & Re-balanced Events!

Hi Big Farmers.

Here is what we have in store for you in the next update:

Spring cleaning - autumn edition

With this update we’ll remove the remaining items from last year’s Oktoberfest and compensate the removed items with dollars. By remaining items we mean those items which can no longer be used in the new version of the Oktoberfest due to the change in the recipes and products.

Kite rework

The rework of the acrobatic kite will finally hit the game. We know that this topic has been around for quite a while and caused some past controversies, but we hope to close off this chapter now with the reworked version coming back into the game. Check out the detailed explanation HERE

Such a small guy causing so much trouble..

About cups and pearls

We made some adjustments to the Wedding Planner and the Food Truck Event because we noticed that only a few players actually got to enjoy the higher stages of it and we wanted to give this opportunity to more players. We would be happy to get your feedback on the event after the changes!

Get the kettle on for some tea..

You loved the rural English chicken coop and residential skins and now we’re providing you with a whole set of those skins. Cow shed, mill, workshop and many many more. Get the full set and impress your neighbors with your exquisite taste in skins.

Aren't they lovely?

... in these cold stormy autumn days

And now we would like to present you another skin set, completely new and fresh, fitting this time of the year shortly before Christmas. Our new autumn skins are here and are stunning!   Our farm animals are already diving into the autumn leaves and living their best lives.

Can you spot the foxes observing the events?

Both skin sets will be available from the WWC trader!

Come and visit the galloping gallery

We’re glad to introduce our new horse season and this time it’s all about art. Jump right into the different epochs of art history and rediscover some of the most famous pieces, newly interpreted by our very own artists. If a terrified, screaming chicken, a duck with pearl earrings or a cow with a bright red mustache is your haute avatar, we got you covered!

What’s your favourite style?

Fur Is Beautiful Or Not And Cows Can Inspire.

Win your trophy and be an artist yourself!

More Bewitched chickens with this beautiful skin!

Celebrate good times, come on!

In honour of the unity day in Slovakia and the Czech Republic on October 28th and the celebration of the union of Romania on December 1st, we brought some new flags into to the game which can be purchased in offers after the update.

A little something for our dear players from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania!

That's all for now folks!

You can discuss this update HERE

Thanks and happy farming!

Your Community Team

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