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Counting difference - mill and events

Why is it, that when I cook 336 henfeeds in the mill, it only counts for 28 starting times in events like back to nature ?? If the Handbooks are not worth what we pay for, then why bother buying them ?? they are pretty expensive


  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) Posts: 3,254US1
    The event only counts *Starts* of the windmill, not how many bags of feed you get out of it.

    A level 7 windmill maxes out at 28 "Starts" of the windmill (if you use the "Max" button) and you can get 280+ bags of feed out of it (depending on the level of your library books), but it's only the "starts" that count.

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  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) Posts: 7,057US1
    The books have never counted toward the start of productions like chicken feed.
    The books are much better for harvest end of the item. I feel they're worth the Gold when you can get them on sale.
    Also keep in mind that 10 feed only counts as 1 batch for the animal, in this case chicken.
  • Thank you both. :smile:
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