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Dear Reader
I would love 2 bring this 2 ur attention, if u could perhaps allowing us 2 sell our unwanted crew equipment/ unwanted boats please. Thousands of unwanted equipment taking up unwanted space. 
Reason 4 this is, we get rewarded at the HWE, with skipjacks,wherry or trawlers/ crew members, or any other equipment.  Why must i drop it into the trash, if i work so hard 2 earn it/spend allot of dollars. I only have trawlers, and i wish 2 sell my unwanted crew, or any other  unwanted boats/equipment. I hope my suggestion and explanation are to your liking. Don't u think we deserve this opportunity? Since the game is all about making/earn dollars!!!!
The equipment 4 loading a trawler are very expensive,as u all know it, and  I would really appreciate it if you will strongly consider this matter.  
Lilian Sharp
Relaxed Farmers


  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,932
    Wait til the Christmas. Usually there is an event where we as players can trade our unwanted things for other things we want.
    As for the ships like your skipjacks & ones you do not wish to keep, just build & demo take the free cash & run or use for upgrading your trawlers.
     To get the most from your trawlers you may want to play around with crews more so than adding coolers ;-)
    I have found I can make more money with my trawlers by not using coolers at all ;-)

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