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Looking for members

Festive Farms is looking for new members. We are a friendly group who want to build our coop.Looking for players who play more then once a week and willing to help doing missions building the farm of your dreams.  come by and see us.Maybe make some friends along the way....


  • Still looking for new members come by and see. Looking for members who play more then once in awhile, adult willing to help with missions and coop projects. I'm around most everyday to answer questions to help any way i can.  Come by we can help build the coop and the farm of your dreams....
    MISSELAINE @ us 1
  • Hi my name is Catherine and I would love to join your co-op!
  • Come by apply see you soon...
    MISSELAINE @ us 1
  • Shangrila Farms is looking for members, who play often, in the coop championships, projects, missions, etc, and play well with others! We are a peaceful coop in the bronze league.  We need members who donate sparkles to their co-workers, and communicate with their leaders if they cannot be on the farm. Communication is Key!!!!
    We help each other, pray for each other, and we would love for you to join us! Knock on our door!
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