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How do you use the one time Construction Slot?

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  • hogman (US1)hogman (US1) US1 Posts: 13
    How do you use the one time construction slot? 
  • How do you use the one time construction slot? 
    @hogman (US1) You collect contruction tokens from events or offers & when you have 50/50 you will get a pop-up to say that the construction slot is available to you. After that, be careful, because the next thing that you build or upgrade will automatically go to that slot & use up your 50 tokens (even if it is just building a 6 second deco) so try to start a long construction first so that it goes to the new slot & then you can use your regular slot like normal. (Temporary farms do not use the token slot)

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  • johngirl87 (US1)johngirl87 (US1) US1 Posts: 41
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    Yeah, I've learned that lesson!  I usually try to be careful about if I'm on the universal or construction slot.  Ticks me off because I have wasted those coins :-(   LOL

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