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Update Sept 5th - The Repeat Harvester!

Greetings Big Farmers!

In this update the only thing being added, is the Repeat Harvester, that is the Repeat Harvester, also known as the Repeat Harvester ! - The Repeat Harvester is a convenience feature which allows you to start multiple productions on the same building with one click!

So let's jump right in and show you how it works. This example shows the process on a field, but the same mechanics are available for orchards, stables, the bakery, the shop, the greenhouse and the nursery (This does not currently work on the Tropical Pigsty & Cowshed)

Step 1

Here is your field after you have planted a new crop in it:

Step 2

This is how the ring-menu looks like with the new Repeat Harvester Button, which is shown right next to the Skip button, but before we click the shiny new button, we would like to add humus to our field, so that the repeated productions will also be boosted with humus.

  • It is not possible to add Humus after clicking the Repeat Harvester button
  • It is not possible to click the Repeat Harvester button if there is not enough Humus available to boost the subsequent repeats. 
  • The same applies for edge plants.

Step 3

If you now hover your mouse over the Repeat Harvester button, an info window opens up. This shows multiple rows, one for each repeat, the number depends on the item being produced.
Each row contains four different columns; 

  •  shows the product used in the production building.
  •  shows if and what kind of humus has been used for the first field setup and will therefore will be used for the repeats. 
  •  shows if and what kind of edge plants have been used for the first field setup and will therefore will be used for the repeats.
  •  shows the current state of a repeat production.
Additional information consists of;

  •  shows the amount of gold required to start the Repeat Harvester (the amount shown in this example may not be the real price)
  •  shows the production flow - what happens to products once they get harvested, if they exceed the available storage limit - as already known from the Turbo Harvester feature.

Step 4

This is how the hover-over bubble looks, after you click the Repeat Harvester button.- It shows the amount of repeats and the current status.

We hope that clearly explains this new feature & that enjoy using it!

After this update, you will start to see this icon appearing throughout event rewards in the game:

This new symbol indicates that there is a chooseable reward available. The gift box image may no longer show & instead you will see one of the chooseable items that you could pick

You can discuss the Repeat Harvester HERE

Have fun!
Your Big Farm Team
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