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Teaser - Village Fair - Lifting the lid for a peek!

Hi Farmers!

You’ve all seen the Racing Farmer by now and the small piece of news in there about the mysterious ‘Village Fair’ event. We’re not quite ready with it to give you a full overview just yet, but we do have some news for you about this feature!

So first of all, what is the Village Fair? It’s a new event we designed to replace the old Village League. While we know some of you enjoy the village league and challenging opponents, it was clear there was very little movement in the leaderboards and it was not quite as engaging as we had hoped. As a result, we wanted to make the it much more dynamic and fun for you all,  so we designed the "Village Fair Event".

There are some similarities and differences between the old and new event, but the core of the Village League still remains. Together with your fellow farmers you will be able to pick a challenge that you wish to complete and you will work together to complete that challenge. The main difference is that you will no longer directly challenge another co-op in a head-to-head battle, instead each challenge will be named after another co-op in your league and based on their strengths and weaknesses. There will be a score table for all the co-ops in your league (a slightly faster moving one this time around!) so you can see where you stack up.

There are a lot of great features, like all-new reward lines (including rewards for the most active co-op members) and individual hard work reward lines for every single challenge! So there’s even more chances to get some great stuff for yourself. The event will also be a time limited one - while the Village League was active constantly, this new Village Fair event will be planned in and is designed to replace some the CCs to give you a little more variety in the events you take part in.

So get ready, grab your co-op together and get some great prizes! The Village Fair is planned to release a little later this summer and we plan to bring you more news and details before it arrives, so that you can be ready. I’m sure you have plenty of questions you wish to exclaim excitedly, “What are the rewards?!”, “What will it look like?!” and “Are the CM team accepting marriage proposals?!” All in good time my friends! For now, keep an eye out for more info on this great new feature and we look forward to bringing you more news from the world of Big Farm!

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Happy Farming :)
Your CM Team

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