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The Village Fair



  • deepal (IN1)deepal (IN1) Posts: 7IN1
    I haven't gotten any rewards either including construction tokens and deco.
    :love:deepal @ in 1
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) Posts: 1,052US1
    i did not get the ones i was off line for too. how are we supposed to send in tickets if we are unsure what we have gotten and what we have not? is it our jobs to take time out of our game play to take screen shots before we get every prize then after? the coop i am in has gotten 83 prizes so far. that is a lot to try and keep track of especially sense it seems we are not getting the ones we were not online for. so if you just close the pop up you might not even notice you are missing the prizes. and a lot are hard to keep track of anyways.
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) Posts: 6,137US1
    Soooooo, if your coop is in first place, will you have to set your alarm to make sure you're online to get the rewards, or will all that work be for nothing?

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  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) Posts: 1,052US1
    i should have gotton 2 purple boxes. the coop won them when i was logged off. when i got on i got the pop up. looked in the inventory and they are not there.
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • This is so very dissapointing.  this was the event my coop looked forward to the most. We always thought the chance of most members winning a gml or two (or three) made it all the more attractive but that has been taken away.  I cant see that the new rewards are any better than the old rewards, and now on top of all of that the matchmaking for the farmers league is no longer match making, just random luck.  Do they just want everyone to quit playing?
    I agree Beck it's really disheartening and this is the quietest my coop has been... no competition from the other coops either... no fun *sigh* and the FL is way too long .... the most orange lights I've ever seen!
  • didah (SKN1)didah (SKN1) Posts: 1,198SKN1
    'You have called GGS, Office is closed, - it's weekend in Germany - please call back Monday and we might get back to you......'

    Geez, what a place/company this is..

  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) Posts: 997GB1
    edited 13.10.2019
    No Rewards given at end of VF for all coop members !! We finished first place in our league and received nothing !!
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  • Just finished the Village Fair and it said we won a Level 8  decoration  , I selected it and it appears nowhere.
    Is this what they mean by improved ?
  • did not get my personal award for being highest earner in my coop/also missing awards from when offline 
    holidayrox @ us 1
  • Will this be reported? Would like to see a response from a moderator
    holidayrox @ us 1
  • Byron Longford (AU1)Byron Longford (AU1) Posts: 2,438AU1
    edited 13.10.2019
    there is an old adage that GGS may want to think about.

    'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'

  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) Posts: 997GB1
    Soooooo, if your coop is in first place, will you have to set your alarm to make sure you're online to get the rewards, or will all that work be for nothing?
  • No personal reward for being first in our coop, no coop rewards for being first in our league. Should i go or set alarm for next event ?
  • Dagi (IN1)Dagi (IN1) Posts: 10IN1
    The village fair ended, at that time I was in the game, but I didn’t receive any prizes, our cooperative was in 1st place. Understand please.
  • Our Co-op came in first in the Village Fair yet there was no pop-up window to pick our prizes from ? Is this a new rip-off from GGS ?

  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) Posts: 997GB1
    Same here 
  • gizmo22 (AU1)gizmo22 (AU1) Posts: 1,665AU1
    My coop finished first in our league, while myself and others that were online at the time received our rewards i'm concerned others that were not won't be getting them. I have also missed out on coop rewards that were won when I wasn't online. Sure the rewards pretty much sucked and not really worth the effort but its still wrong not to be given them for our efforts. So do we get compensation or does it get ignored like all the other rewards we have been screwed out of lately due to bugs???
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] gizmo22 @ au 1
  • Dagi (IN1)Dagi (IN1) Posts: 10IN1
    Same here 
  • Yes it seems to have have happened again....I sent report to Support last time and did receive reward but now it seems it is an overall problem....and it happened on both servers this time.  I think I am done doing these events--they hardly seem worth all the effort anymore. I truly used to look forward to the game and events and all....too many playing days may be numbered   :-((
    roadrunnernm @ US 1 and WWW
  • Fawners (US1)Fawners (US1) Posts: 374US1
    edited 13.10.2019
    GGS - can you get anything right??  I sent a support ticket in and waiting to hear back.  These ongoing bug/technical issues are beyond ridiculous.  No rewards or prizes for our first place win and for everyone else as I have been reading.  Why should we even participate when we will get a "Sorry" and some stupid consolation gift!  :/
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  • omitir (INT1)omitir (INT1) Posts: 6INT1
    Igual aquí. Ya reclamé al soporte   :'(
    Same here. I already claimed support

  • Finished the event (VF) in first place and no rewards...this part of the New Revamp?? No point in playing.

  • Lia44 (US1)Lia44 (US1) Posts: 21US1
    there is an old adage that GGS may want to think about.

    'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'
    There's another one they might want to consider: 'Don't kill the goose who laid the Golden Egg.'

    Also known in game circles as: 'Don't drive off the gamer who bought the golden coins.'
    ~Never pick a fight with anyone who buys cyber ink by the barrel and pixels by the ton.~
  • tr sunucusundada ödüller gelmedi
    erdem_2007 @ tr 1
  • yomismo1 (ES1)yomismo1 (ES1) Posts: 2,044ES1
    The same is happening on ES1 - HIS1 Server.

    No response from GGS or moderator


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