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Secret CC Leagues ???

qewt (US1)qewt (US1) US1 Posts: 161
I found a secret CC League, a second (edit: third) Silver League with completely separate rankings.

I realized something was wrong when the last CC ended and I could not find my coop anywhere in the rankings, in fact I did not recognize any of the names displayed as those names which I had been competing against.

I then found out exactly what was wrong when I tried to find my friends coop (just now). MY coop was recently demoted to bronze league from silver, HIS coop was promoted from rookie league straight to silver (I'm guessing because they were rank1 in rookie league they skipped bronze). I went to go find his coop in the rankings and it wasn't there, so I typed his coop name into the tab at the bottom and THE ENTIRE LEAGUE CHANGED. he was not on the first list at all, but he was rank 5 in the second list, and I could freely access either list just by typing associated coop names into the lower tab.

Pics attached.

edit: I realized this was just kind of statement, heres the question: what? what is this? how do I end up in one vs the other?

edit: to add a pic of division II, it is NOT Division II that I am seeing!!!

Edit: Division II:


  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 766
    Hardly a secret - if you look at the top of the ranking window, it will show you what division you are in with arrows to view the other divisions.  There are multiple divisions in each league except gold.
  • Seeker1 (US1)Seeker1 (US1) US1 Posts: 571
    SIlver league is divided into division I, and division II

    Bronze league has 4 divisions, I, II, III, IV

    Could be a display error.
  • qewt (US1)qewt (US1) US1 Posts: 161
    edited 22.04.2018
    @shazamd (US1)

    actually they are the same division, so that is not what I am seeing here.

    (edit: look at the first two pics, they are both division I) (edit: also, how do you end up in division I vs II? and where is this secret "division I 2" I have found?)

    (edit: @Seeker1 (US1)  I found a third division for silver then, lol, thanks for commenting both of you)

    (edit: Thank you @FarmerMica (US1) I think that makes the most sense of whatever it is that I am looking at lol, thank you for your comment.)

    pic of division II:

  • Actually, your second screenshot of the Silver Division is the Bronze Division...
    There must be a bug with clicking the tabs and the arrows...

  • @qewt (US1) What you are seeing is an anomaly in the search system. If you have your screen looking at say the gold league and you type in the name of a coop to search, the rankings for that coop will be displayed as gold league, regardless of which league they are really in. To accurately search for a coop, you need to 1st search their name to get their rank number & then go through each league checking that rank number, to see which one the coop is really in.

    We did report it long ago, but we will put it through again. :/

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