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Announcement - Reward Issues

Dear Farmers,

We know you have had some complaints about the new rewards in certain events recently. The reason for the reward change is due to a new automated system we are using to create reward lists. Previously, reward lists for events were created manually for every league and event. This process took many days of manual calculation per event and was highly inefficient for the team. We are now using a new system wherein event rewards are calculated automatically, taking a days long process and cutting a large amount of time from it. As the system is new there are still a couple of issues we need to resolve, but this is a work in progress and we are gathering your feedback to better inform this new automated system. In addition to this, the new system should free up more time for the team in the future, allowing us to focus on more and different topics. The new system allows for us to have events with rotating rewards, making them more dynamic and unique every time they are played with a different set of rewards each time, but we are also aware of the complaints and will be working on the new system to try and improve it. 

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on the rewards topic, we appreciate your passion and dedication to the game and apologise for any negative feelings we have created.

Your Community Team

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