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Active Bonuses - Boosters causing game to freeze

I have 6 Active Bonuses currently running.
When I click the "blue i" to expand the list to check how much time my stackmaster has remaining,
 the list only shows 3.
When I click the button to advance the page, the game will lock up and freeze.

Refreshing and logging in again has NO effect, the error still occurs.
Now that the time on powerhouse and stackmaster have elapsed, I have 4 Active Bonuses,
Clicking the "blue i" to view these 4 Active Bonuses-- now it operates correctly-- very strange.

Is this happening to anyone else?????

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


  • rie22 (US1)rie22 (US1) Posts: 165
    This seems to be happening to alot of us.... >:) >:) >:)
  • shantam (IN1)shantam (IN1) Posts: 111
    edited 04.04.2018
    Same here whenever try to open booster window then game freezes and have to reload game. Please fix this
  • PicklePawsPicklePaws Posts: 346Moderator, ModGreen
    I have reported this.
  • i have the same happening and after clicking the bonussen i was unable to harvest my crops
    had todo a refresh
  • Same problem for me as well
  • Seeker1 (US1)Seeker1 (US1) Posts: 471US1
    edited 04.04.2018
    I activated powerhouse, which brought my active bonuses to 4.  I was able to see them just fine.
    Then activated stackmaster, which brought my active bonuses to 5. Stackmaster is missing from the list... so its possible there's a problem with having more than 4 active bonuses OR there's a problem with stackmaster appearing in the list.
    At least today the game is NOT freezing when accessing the active bonuses list...
    ...a small improvement. :/

    EDIT:  I spoke too soon. I tried to open the active bonuses menu from the gourmet farm, which currently has 4 active bonuses, and the game froze... doh!
    Post edited by Seeker1 (US1) on

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
  • Have the same problem as above mentioned. BUT also I am kicked off the server every 10 minutes and it is really annoying. 
    I have run ccleaner, cleared cachle but problem remains. What is wrong ???
  • PCA (GB1)PCA (GB1) Posts: 713

    Experiencing the same bug that @Seeker1 (US1) described above. Also several members of my coop confirm the same problems occurring and the game freezing 


  • doesn't show all boosters active - just the number.  when I click to expand, screen goes dark and must reload game.
  • angie50 (GB1)angie50 (GB1) Posts: 198GB1
    hi some of us in our team are having problems the activity booster isnt working propely and the game keeps freezing .

    bugs no doubt, it is getting to the stage u cant play the game propely .

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  • Still happening. Had to refresh to unlock the game and lost ALL of my construction tokens. NOT HAPPY!!

  • currently 4 active bonuses are running, when you add #4, the display switches to the drop down box.

    But it's not working , nothing displays, so no way to check on remaining time on the bonuses :(
  • Open the coopcha window, go to Boosters tab and click the blue I icon.
    You will see a list of all the active and inactive boosters.

  • Seeker1 (US1)Seeker1 (US1) Posts: 471US1
    Seems to be working fine now... I can view stacker and powerhouse times with multiple booster-bonus on the board.. Thanks. :#

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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