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Mouse-game ?

Isn't farm suposed to be a game of (at least SOME) intelligence ?
Instead of this it's hurting my arm because of mouse-use....

Why does a building-menu closes when you click on it again ? (One click doens't always generate)
Why DRAG the the boot-items into the boat ? (The shift-key ??? Don't make me laugh ! Doesn't work. Why use the shift-key at all ??)
Why the pop-up-menu's when you are at work (If possible)
Why the pop-up-menu's when starting the game EVERY time !

Isn't Farm suosed to be game game OTHER then a mouse-racing-game...?


  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    Yea… here's a wall, start banging your head.  GG listen?  HA!

    lol… people have been complaining about the pop ups right as you log in for years.  back when I first signed up, oh about a year after this game came out, they PROMISED they would get rid of that.  Instead they only piled up more.   I have posted many times to PLEASE put all that stuff off to the side.  I would actually like to read the paper and look at it all but AFTER I got my harvests in and have time.  Doing it right in the beginning?  Heck most of the graphics haven't even loaded before I click the red X to shut it off.

    As for loading the boats, I almost never do.  Gave up on it.  Too time consuming… do much of a bore.
    They get what they get as is.  Unless I'm real close to a BIG contract, then I might.  But yea, keys don't work.  Drag and drop.  zzzzzz

    The pop ups WHILE YOUR PLAYING!!!!  I HATE…. (Yes caps intentionally, HATE THAT!!)
    Especially if I'm sifting through my massive collection of decor trying to place something from oh, page 12 when boom, some dumb "OFFER" blasts in my face and I have to start all over.
    AGAIN GG….. PUT THAT JUNK OFF TO THE SIDE!!!!!! It might actually get a look not just be turned off.

    Oh then there are the events you don't finish.  Or the coop competition prize thing.  Turn it off…. "Are you sure?"  YES DANG IT!  Why do I have to close it more than ONCE?????? CLOSE means CLOSE.

    And yet they STILL can't do that before blowing gold.   ARE YOU SURE?  YES.  Thank  you or oops NO!
    THAT they won't do.  

    Carpal tunnel here we come.  OR just turn this off.
    See what I do when not playing silly games.

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