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Update Mar 26th- New Rewards (Extended Downtime - Completed March 21st)

NOTE: This update will be longer than usual due to a planned server move for all servers. You can read our announcement about it HERE for more details, but please expect 6 hours of downtime on Wednesday.

Welcome farmers, to our latest update!  

We have some great bits of content going into the game this month and we are proud to present…

New Rewards!

We will exchange the decoration rewards in the Co-operative Championship event. We have completely new rewards like a shiny new trophy, construction slot tokens (see below) and new activity rewards, including a decoration set for all you fans of Robin Hood!

New CC Gold Trophy

The Sherwood decoration set
(37HP + 7VHP | 42HP + 8VHP | 77HP + 15VHP)

This new decoration can be put together with others in the same series to create a lovely little treehouse (just make sure Jim & Jack aren’t planning pranks in there!).

The CC trophy will be in the village and not placed on the farms as it appears in the picture below.

Enjoy the new decos!  

Animated Deco Indicator

From now on, when a decoration is animated, the information dialogue will show the fully animated version of the image so you can see the decoration in its full glory!

Extra Construction Slot

You wanted it, you got it! We will introduce an additional building slot to the game to allow you to get even more building done than ever before. Twice as much in fact!

  • The new slot will appear as a tab on the original building slot.

  • New construction tokens will be available as rewards in events. 50 tokens can be stored in your inventory and each use of the second building slot costs 50 tokens.

  • Once you have collected enough tokens the next construction will be activated in the new slot, which will deduct the tokens it costs to build that item. You will then be able to add an additional construction to your regular slot.

  • PLEASE NOTE: As soon as you have 50 construction tokens available, any item you choose to construct will always be sent to the new construction slot first, even if the item has a low construction time or VHP rebuild time. A dialogue will inform you when you have enough tokens to use the slot so please plan accordingly. This includes decorations with a rebuild time, such as decos with VHP. Library books can only be upgraded/built one at a time and you will be unable to upgrade 2 books at once in the construction slot.

And that’s it, it’s as simple as that! This slot will be usable for any building or decoration on any farm (except temp farms which will retain their temporary extra construction slot).

That’s all for this update which can be discussed HERE, but most of all enjoy!

Your BF Team

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  • Dear farmers,

    This just in :

    "Due to an issue with some of the software we need for the update we will not be able to perform the planned content update today. We will try to perform the update tomorrow instead and will keep you posted as much as possible on when it will happen."

    Watch this thread for more information tomorrow.

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