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CC -i can't do it any more 3 times in a month...

I cant,i cant,i cant,but i play cause of my friends,but i cant ... it is tooooo much....


  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    I cant,i cant,i cant,but i play cause of my friends,but i cant ... it is tooooo much....
    @Janney (INT1)  Sorry for asking the obvious question, but why are you doing it?

    We have heard for months now about how everyone is sick of the CC & how they only do it for their coop & its too much pressure etc etc but who is putting the pressure on you? Is it you? ..... By now it seems most coops are happy to ignore it or just play it for some rewards, with no pressure, so if its just you putting pressure on yourself, stoppit :) 

    Our coop stopped playing it  & now its just some free rewards if we happen to get some points & if we don`t who cares, plenty more events to do that are more fun & rewards to win...... You play the game, don`t let the game play you!
    Well that's assuming EVERYONE in the coop is willing to let it go.  I'm in three coops and every one of them has very active players who work on this every time it comes around.  No doubt why GG keeps pushing it out there.  One coop actually sends out notes saying "we don't want to see zeros.. do missions."
    So yea, there is pressure.   It's either pick up and leave your team, or be one of the ones leaders might be looking at replacing, in other words, a stick in the mud.  

    The one coop I actually lead, we all did decide to stop with the high pressure events.  (Christmas comes to mind as a huge fail.)  Most of us have totally given up on the whole coop village too.  BUT the CC event is one that everyone gets prizes every time someone does a mission.  So incentive to work on it is there, even if the whole coop agreed not to worry about winning gold or any of that nonsense.  

    Again… an "event" is something that doesn't come at us every few weeks.  Even the regular line up of "events" are back to back now.  As soon as one ends another starts.  Non stop, is NOT an "event."  

    Add to this the fact that there are almost always now several different "events" all going on at the same time.  
    PLUS the coop projects we are all suppose to help with.

    It's no wonder so many players get burned out.  I have to walk away from this from time to time myself.  
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617
    Adding, there now is more intertwining of events, too. Let's say you like the WWCC and want to do well. BUT, there is that pesky section that gives points for CCs.  Even if you do the other things that give you Coop points, you won't do as well without the CCs.

    I am playing Devil's advocate here as our coop encourages members to play CCs ONLY if they enjoy them. If not, no big deal.  But more might enjoy them and take part if they didn't come flying at us like paper airplanes in a wind tunnel.

    However, RwS makes a valid point about who is pressuring you. If it's your coop, there are plenty out there who feel like you and don't do them. 

    It's one aspect of the game I don't think will ever change, sadly.
  • I think its ok for the larger co-ops to say no pressure, but for some of the smaller ones its hard.  

    Our little co-op worked our socks off to move up from the rooky league in the cc before last - then worked our socks off again to stay up in the bronze division - it was hard, but we did it.  Now in a few days there is another one - we are only 15 strong, with a lot of new lower level players, so its up to the mid-level players to try and keep our placing.  We want to grow, want to attract new members etc so thats where the pressure is and its just too much with so many cc's.  

    A bit more time between the cc's would allow for more natural growth - allow time to re-stock, allow time for new players to not be thrown in at the deep end (ok so there will always be new players, but imagine this as a newbie you get 3 or 4 cc's in a month - it'd put you off right!).

    I just wish GGS would listen - they are losing players because of this - not attracting the gold spends they desire (more players = more revenue).

    I dont know what more players can do - other than to keep on complaining about it.  Maybe, eventually someone will listen. 
  • I keep saying this over and over, they've gotten accustomed to using us as doormats, even if we essentially point tanks at them. Basically, if you  want change, you're on the wrong game as of the time this was posted. They're killing empire, and they clearly want to do the same here. So to those hoping that this.....eternal slew of events will eventually end, don't hold your breath or bet the farm (actually, betting the farm might not be a bad idea at this point, lol), cause you're likely to lose. Of course, I might be wrong. But I'm totally waiting for them to add a THIRD parking lot (don't tell me not to give them ideas, they already have them), so I digress.
  • White _Doves (US1)White _Doves (US1) Posts: 1,200
    edited 22.03.2018
    They restocking stuff is much of the problem, when they play CC so much. Once a month or two is more than enough........ 

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