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Announcement - Server Move and Long Downtime on Wednesday, 21st of March

Dear Community,

On Wednesday the 21st of March we will have an extended downtime in the game in order to move our servers. This will give us more flexibility in order to act faster and more efficiently in the event of performance or hardware issues in the future.

The planned move can take some time, so expect the downtime to last up to approximately 6 hours. Please ensure to prepare your account for this move as we cannot compensate for purchased boosters etc., that are effectively shortened by the downtime. It is best to plan ahead and ensure you will not lose out on purchased boosters and other time limited items/effects.

All servers are affected by this downtime, and the downtime will occur at the same time for all servers.

During the downtime it won't be possible to log in or play the game, but we also intend to provide players with a little compensation to help with the events that are running during that time. This will be determined more precisely when the downtime is over and we know how much time was lost in events, but will likely take the form of some consumable items to help to boost you up when the servers return.

We apologise for any inconvenience and the long downtime, unfortunately there is no way to shorten the downtime any further. We will provide more details on the times of the downtime once they are more clear.

Thank you and all the best,

Your CM Team


  • CM_HunterCM_Hunter Community Manager Posts: 448
    The move is now complete on all servers except the following:
    - DE 1
    - INT 1
    - IT 1
    - US 1
    - HIS 1

    Those not listed should now be able to login to the game again! Please bear in mind that we will have a smaller update later today, which we will also keep you informed about as best we can. If your server is not up yet we estimate that all servers should be up in about one hour from now.

  • CM_HunterCM_Hunter Community Manager Posts: 448
    All servers are now back! Thank you all for your patience and a successful server move. Please bear in mind a small update is still planned for today with the content described in the patch notes. We will keep you updated as to when that will begin. For now, happy farming!

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