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Update Mar 8th - A Need for Speed with Seeds, New Themed Event Changes and More! - Discussion



  • Surya54 (INT1)Surya54 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 507
    Finally, no need to someone become a part of co-op and the user deco is nice too.
    Surya54 @ WWW 1

    Keep it up!
  • Xcution (INT1)Xcution (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,183
    Farmerrosa 12 did an awesome job. That's beautiful!
    It's beautiful with out a doubt so how we can buy ofcorse using gold >:)
  • SuzyQ22 (US1)SuzyQ22 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,472
    Definitely a beautiful deco, and I am looking forward to checking out the events with changes.

  • ronin7 (INT1)ronin7 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 538
    I'm on INT server & I don't get anything like 30 millions rep points for a 5-min apple harvest! How many orchards does @TMKC (IN1)  have & at what level? I would love to get 30million rep points for the time it takes to click the orchards...
    BUT I'm really looking forward to the changes, new decos, new challenges and anything else I've never done.  That newly designed deco by farmerrose is TOTALLY AWESOME. Glad to see snow will be leaving the farm soon...maybe then snowballs will stop dropping on the workers heads...as much fun as it has been to build snowmen etc, it's gotten dismal to see them taunting you & reminding you just how cold it still is...the horse ranch & its new season are in the right spirit ... SPRING!!!
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    The time challenge will only benefit a very small percentage of the players.  Making the organic market more fair will benefit a much greater percentage of players such as increasing base markup and creating contracts according to player level, stored amount and usage of products in production buildings.  

    Full description of all changes I suggest:
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273
    Do you have to do level 7 to be eligible for this speed thing?
    gavinfarms @ us 1
  • Surya54 (INT1)Surya54 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 507
    Do you have to do level 7 to be eligible for this speed thing?
    According to the update, you're eligible to access speed challenge at level 5-7 of standard themed event provided you're fast enough to complete them.
    Surya54 @ WWW 1

    Keep it up!
  • Can we opt out of the leprechaun event now?
    Because I really do NOT want to be pranked, therefore I do NOT want to play this event.

    vikingur1- @ nl 1

    Coop Donia State
  • CIN SOON (INT1)CIN SOON (INT1) INT1 Posts: 136
    Any information about the volcano farm?
  • Tinzen (SKN1)Tinzen (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 473
    edited 08.03.2018
    Any information about the volcano farm?
    Do u read "volcano farm" anywhere in the update? So I guess that its not on the test server either.... It will come in time....
    Tinzen @ skn 1
  • Any information about the volcano farm?

    From CM Hunter's Moving Forward update

    "And finally, a small piece of news on the Volcano Farm you have all been patiently waiting for. Our 4th farm will be coming to the game this year after a long wait, but we don’t want to rush anything! As part of our commitment to getting feedback, we will add the Volcano Farm to the test server (which we also intend to use a little more than in the past) later in the year, and we intend to use the server to help us test the feature. More news on this when dates are a little clearer, but keep an eye out for more news from us in the community team or your friendly, neighbourhood moderators."

  • I am looking forward to the changes on the wedding planner, hopefully now i will be able to finish it all ways got stuck on the pearls.

    for the speed i think not for me yet, maybe  in 1 year its something i will try out.

    Nice farming all.

    P.s.  i am what disappointed about the cats  months i collected charms and only thing you get is 400 XP a day.
  • what is going on  ? I am trying to find  farmerrosa 12 ..farmerrose 12  and I try to copy  and paste it and no player found I want to gift her and Thank you . but I can't find her someone has her name wrong . can someone help with this ? 
    silk_ribbons @ us 1
  • Oh I see now she is in the UK ....Well ............ gee great job Rose !   Congratulations Rose!
    silk_ribbons @ us 1
  • Lesley52 (GB1)Lesley52 (GB1) Posts: 1,590
    Will everybody be able to see if we have team mates doing the speed challenge so that we can support them. I know I wont be involved have never done above level 5 and have not done a challenge for over a year, do not want to put in time for extra levels + do not want to use gold to finish an event

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    We need special decor that does things like add +1 to the quantity allowed to produce in the village, that kind of thing.
  • Xcution (INT1)Xcution (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,183
    Leprechaun event didn't start yrt
  • Xcution (INT1)Xcution (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,183
    U guys gave us day give us time as well
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,495
    U guys gave us day give us time as well
    They posted elsewhere that events are all midnight CET, but as you pointed out, no Leprechaun. :(

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