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Greetings Everyone, 

As mentioned by CM_Hunter in his recent Announcement, a new system for Suggestions has been implemented, which will enable us to give you the team's responses to your various suggestions.

Approximately every 2 weeks we will add a post to this thread, giving you feedback on the latest batch of suggestions to be reviewed. The suggestions come from all the BF Communities, so there may be some that you do not recognise, but we will include them all, as you may post the same suggestions here in the future & you will be able to see that it has already been submitted.

We will also be adding an icon (see above) to the title of your suggestion posts, when they appear on this thread with a response.

This thread will be closed to posting, but we would like to get your feedback on the new system & any comments you may have about the response to specific suggestions, so we are including a discussion thread HERE - Please DO NOT post new suggestions on the discussion thread, they should be posted in the usual way on separate threads in this section.

Your Community Team
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    Accepted (11):

    1. New decorations for regular WoF (Too many Pavillions) - Will do this in future [DONE]
    2. Add ability to skip animations on CNY Wheel - We will do it!

    Rejected (16):

    1. Internal whiteboard for coops - Already available in coop description (Requested again asking for more space)
    2. Produce event seeds in nursery - Seeds are available in events.
    3. Send away partially loaded ship - This affects the core loop of the feature and won't be altered
    4. Display of a schedule for the CNY daily fireworks - Already done in Twitter, efffort higher than value to add in-game.
    5. Add Information about upgrade prices in the info tab - This is a dynamic system and so cannot be accurately shown at all times.
    6. Reduce DSF upgrade levels & equipment prices - May not be relevant after pending rework of feature.
    7. Announce Architect visits in advance - Random aspect of Steve is an integral part of the game's design.
    8. Add new achievements for coop village - No current plans to add this.
    9. Add Goldfish Flakes & Bait to Watermill - This is a large amount of effort and would require the whole event to be rebalanced unfortunately.
    10. Ability to select who can send you in-game messages - Doesn't make much sense to have and limits sociability.

    Considered for later use (41):

    1. Add more skins to Championship Trader - We will rework the skin system in the future and this will be implemented then
    2. Too many on-screen offers - We may later work on an offer hub (we are testing the system in E4K)
    3. Unclear which HWE is which on the WWC calendar - We will check with the art team and see if we can add a new icon for clarity
    4. Dismantle unwanted skins to parts (with Greta) - Will be looked at again during skin system rework. but probably not this year.
    5. Stop Flying Debris from Blocking Clicks!! - We will look at this after HTML5 to evaluate how easily it can be done in that framework
    6. Coop invitations - customized text - Nice thing to have, low priority at the moment.
    7. New temp farms, Halloween Easter etc - Nice idea and we would like to look at this, but sadly no time this year
    8. FHWE - Remove boat rewards & option to get rid of boats - We would like to make these choosable but we will look at  when we can do this as there is currently no time
    9. Add trash can to flags - We would like to tie it into expanding the flag slots available to players.
    10. Change reward pop-up system for CC to match WWC - We already want to do this but just need to find a time we can do it in the schedule.
    11. Permanent Shop selling everything in game, skins, old decos etc - Similar thing already planned, for traders, though skins likely to be separate.
    12. Create a Coop Role (Manager) between Leader & Deputy - We are taking a look at this feedback and will look at this topic overall and how to handle it.
    13. Repeating tasks for GF & FF (like on Main farm) - Task design is currently not that easy but we are looking to improve this so will consider again after improvements.
    14. Reminders to players to have a strong password & not to share it - We will consider how to do this.
    15. Expand free range skins to all farms - We will rework the skin system in the future, this can be considered after that, not this year.
    16. Ability to turn off deco tooltips - Possible consideration when we have time in the future.
    17. Garage - Stored amounts of certs & toolboxes more visible - Rework planned, will be considered in that rework, this year or next.
    18. Orphanage Charity Drive, donate other items, not just cash - Old feature, rather consider a new event, but not until next year.
    19. New reward options for weekly themed events - Possibly skin changes after the planned rework, resources unavailable for changing decos at this time.
    20. Add a possibility to choose the level of a coop project - Can be done.
    21. Enable outline view on Temp farms - We will evaluate the effort and see if it can be done.
    22. Get rid of pranks - Under consideration
    23. Orange & Citrus fruits for DSF - Not now, will be considered later.
    24. Create a way to retract bottom bar on screen - Can be done.
    25. Time limit on the "looking for a coop" icon - Nice idea, will look into it, low priority right now.
    26. Possibility to set volume controls in-game - Will look into this after change to HTML.
    27. Main house for horse ranch, to reduce construction times - Horse paddock ideas will most likely be considered next year.
    28. Gift for the anniversary date of the entry into the game - We like it! Will consider it in the future.
    29. Timer for activities on horse meadow - We intend to refactor tooltips but this could not be for a long while, next year at least.
    30. Additional tab when barn is full, to send items to organic Market - This is a more difficult system to implement that it seems but we have some alternate ideas we will look at in the future when other higher prio topics are closed
    31. Increase decoration with VHP through Greta - Not likely to be this year.

    You can discuss these responses HERE
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    Accepted (18):

    1. Donate tasks, add a tooltip with the available amount of the goods - We like it! Will look into when we can do this
    2. Candy farm, amounts of sweets needed until next stage - We´ll try to implement it in one of the next updates. 
    3. Change Greta's default setting form Gold to Tools - We like the idea. It will be implemented in one of the next updates. 
    4. Names of event pranksters match player names & they get retaliation pranks on their farms - We will look into changing the dialogues to make it more clear that it is not a player
    5. See amount caught on boat while it is still travelling - We already reworked this in the new DSF
    6. Dropbox, remove storage limit or significantly increase it. - Planned
    7. Add Oleg's fish to the fish market - Already planned with DSF changes

    Rejected (35):

    1. Fishing Equipment text error & addition of sell button - Text is repaired but selling will not be added, we are making big changes to DSF in future
    2. Storage capacity for cookies (coop Village) - This is intended to work this way and is part of the challenge of the feature
    3. Add a map with the dangers in DSF - Does not fit new DSF design
    4. Have a choice for the 1st crate on FHWE - Does not fit with new DSF design, but may be considered for other HWEs
    5. Add a timer to show when next Leprechaun will appear - Will not be implemented
    6. Add a "shelve" button to the mission start dialogue to make it quicker to skip missions when using Stackmaster - The Stackmaster's intent is not to skip missions, so we would not add this.
    7. Remove Candy Farm items from Oktoberfest event - We will not remove the candy farm items due to the low effort it takes to gain the candy farm items needed, but we are looking at alternative ways to make things easier. (Further review requested)
    8. Fix Update day when no events are running - We are already planning the calendar around events and we are much better now at sticking to the update days we say. Is there anything you feel is not happening that we should talk about?
    9. Revisit rebuild time of decorations with VHP - We will not touch the coop village any time soon for smaller things like this.
    10. Have a build up week with no events so that players can build up their farms - This idea doesn't fit our schedules & therefore cannot be implemented.
    11. WWC & Lucky coins in boxes - We will rethink the WWC coin distribution as soon as there is some time left. 
    12. Buying DSF equipment should complete task & equipment should be available even when all boats are in use - DSF is already being reworked
    13. Keep Island dollars for next Temp farm - The temp farm is specifically designed around resetting each time, altering this would mean a much larger change to the event. This idea will not be considered for now as it does not fit the way the event works
    14. Only leader or deputy to start village upgrade - If we touch this system we will implement a self adjustable system, but these changes are far future considerations.
    15. .Rewardlist selection before starting event - Will not be implemented as it was done before & not well received.
    16. Send Steve regularly so that tokens are not wasted - We understand the issue but will look at other ways to resolve it.
    17. Remove Wet PigFeed/Cow Silage/Goldfish Pellets as rewards in events including the WoF - Having & high & low rewards is part of event design (removed from WoF)
    18. Pay per letter in Coop Chat - Haha!
    19. Ability to "hide" a deco & see a patch of grass instead - Nice idea but we are currently working on many different features which influence the decoration behavior. 

    Considered for later use (67):

    1. Customers on the organic market should also ask for products from the fish restaurant - We will check if this can be done with small effort
    2. Leader - 1st Deputy - We will look at this topic overall as it is a larger one with some considerations that must be made
    3. Wheel of fortune with fishing items - This won't be considered until after Deep Sea Fishing has been altered. We would also like to consider some ideas other than a new WoF to create a bit more variety but we would like something like this eventually
    4. Few ideas to improve CNY - We will discuss some of these when the time comes nearer, some things possible and others not
    5. Add a "Start" or "Opt-out" button - Repeating pranks is something we can look into changing for sure, we had a few complaints from other servers too, and if people do not like the event already this just makes them hate it more. [DONE]

      In regard to opting into the Leprechaun and Tanuki events it would greatly affect participation. We know some players do not like the pranks but it is a small amount of time in the year that these events appear. We will also not communicate the optional nature of such events in future because it just isn't the case and giving this message just acts to enrage players.

      For the christmas event it's too early to consider changes but there are a few points here CM would like changed due to the consistent negative feedback and the fact that the event can cause players to knowingly or unknowingly sabotage the whole co-op. Last year's solution wasn't ideal at all and I would like to address it this year before we run the event again.
    6. Make it possible to collect deco sets for themed events Time Challenges (Choose to get a lower deco with earned higher value) - We would like to look at this but are evaluating the Speed Challenge participation and stats to see if this will be valuable going forward. We like it though!
    7. Make Nursery skins work on all farms - We would like to add this but need to request it from balancing, who have not much time right now. Will keep you updated on status
    8. Remove premium humus fro CC WoF Jackpot - We could change the items in general but not just one item for a more valuable one, though we can certainly consider an overall reward exchange in future
    9. Possibility to turn-off the pellets visibility - We would not like to have players be able to turn these off completely, but we have some ideas such as clicking through pellets and removing certain pellets'  (optionally), but they will not be removed entirely
    10. Appearances in inventory - We plan on reworking how the skins are displayed so we would look at this when we are working on the changes there
    11. Village dollars in coop window (members donation totals) - We will do this, we don't know when exactly but we think this can be added fairly easily
    12. Side tasks not completed by themed buildings - We would like to change this and just need some time to do it, we will investigate the effort and our best solution but the priority is fairly low for this right at the moment. Will be done but not sure when exactly
    13. Add more categories to coop members donation/contribution records - Some of these are do-able, e.g. fishing pellets and village dollars. Others are not so easy because they require a change in how the system functions currently but we will consider the ones we can do with more ease at a time when we can give the task to a developer
    14. The CC Preparation Event (To reduce frequency of CC) - We are currently working on ways to reduce the frequency of the CC, we would like to review this again, to see if it still makes sense after that.
    15. New Hunt Event, Waste Theme - Nice idea! We will consider it as soon as we have more development resources available. 
    16. Coops members can see hunt items on other farms to help find them - We like this idea, but will not be able to work on this for a longer period of time. 
    17. Transport Expert Fred (Moves decos to other farms) - We like this idea a lot but would need to have a more detailed look into this and don´t have the development resources right now. 
    18. Another way to access garage (From other farms) - We would like to do that! But by now we don´t know in which timely manner we´ll be able to implement this. 
    19. Change rewards from coop tree - We´ll have a look into this as soon as we have the balancing resources. 
    20. Minor changes to 2nd building slot (1) Padlock Icon so not necessary to click to see if slot is available (2) Remove sparkles (3) Remove pop-up with every login (4) Make tokens a chooseable reward, like cat charms, for when you already have 50 - 1., 2. and 3. are doable but we´ll check the effort. We´ll not implement 4. since that doesn´t fit with our initial idea. But we will for sure have another look in general. 
    21. New types of machines for the garage - We like the ideas. We´ll have a look how we can implement what. 
    22. Revision of ingame chat or new chat - This is a valid point and plans to implement this are currently "on hold" because there are no development resources available. 
    23. Update the Horse Market - We would like to do this. But currently we don´t have the resources. 
    24. More new types of machines (for the garage) - We´ll gather all these ideas regarding new farm machines and have a look at them in the future. 
    25. Fishing Point Event (FHWE) Improvements - We´ll touch this feature with the Deeapsea rework.
    26. Addition of "Gift" or Farm machine that increases drop rates (like fireworks) - Nice idea. We´ll work on implementing this.

    You can discuss these responses HERE

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    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

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