BigFarm Events - March 2018

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Hi Guys,

You will notice that some of the events listed below, do not match up with the WWC Calendar - The WWC one will be fixed in the next update.

Worldwide Championship: 2nd - 30th March
Horse Season 2 - 2018: 1st March - 12th April
Fairytale Themed Event: 2nd - 8th March
Co-operative Hard Worker Event: 4th - 7th March
Snowman: 5th - 8th March
Goldfish Rescue: 7th - 16th March
Temporary Farm - Tropical Island: 8th March - 3rd April  6th April
Co-operative Championship: 9th - 12th March
St. Patrick’s Day: 9th - 25th March
Shinkei Suijaku: 9th - 12th March
Asia Themed Event: 9th - 15th March
Fishing Hard Worker Event: 14th - 16th March  13th - 15th March
Hawaii Themed Event: 16th - 22nd March
Co-operative Championship: 17th - 20th March
Shinkei Suijaku: 17th - 20th March
Wedding Planner Themed Event: 18th - 23rd March
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