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Hi Big Farmers,

We have had many requests for a regular Calendar, showing the start & end dates of the various BF Events each month, but until now it has been difficult to get accurate information in advance & we have always felt that incorrect info is worse than no info.

Thanks to our dedicated CM, we should now be able to post event details & hopefully keep it up to date with any changes, at least we will try our best to do so, but please be aware that all the event dates are subject to change & it is possible that news of a last minute change may not reach us for some reason & if so, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may cause.... We are only human small furry critters afterall  :)

We will post details about all main events, but not the comings & goings of the smaller ones or the various traders & specialists & there may, on occasion, be an event run on the spur of the moment, with no advanced warning.

We will do a separate thread for each month & as we are a bit late starting this month, we have a list for the next couple of weeks events, but we will try to pretty things up for you in future.

Happy Eventing!
Your Community Team

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